Friday, May 22, 2009

Our first week in Jersey

So we've been in New Jersey for about a week now and we love it! There is a little family across the hall, shout out to the Collinswood Family, and they have a cute lil 2 year old boy named Caleb, who Sienna loves. She wakes up everyday and always asks if we can go see Caleb and Karen(his mommy).
Driving here is crazy though, but I'm proud to say I've braved it twice now. We had to buy a gps system when we got here because the roads are impossible to navigate by yourself. Unless you've been here you have no idea what the road system is like. There is no organization, a lot of the signs are hidden, and people honk and give you fun gestures all the time. It was funny driving into New Jersey because there were no welcome signs to be found, but then driving to the store a couple days ago we saw 2 for the northern entrance. I guess they just don't welcome southerners.
Grant is doing really well!!! He has made a sell everyday, the one on Monday cancelled, but he looked on the company web site today and he's number 5 in the office for this week and he's the top first year for this week. We know it's the Lord blessing us from all of your prayers, so thank you! Grant is working so hard and has such a positive attitude, I'm so proud of him.
Sienna did get a little sick last night, but seems to be feeling better this morning, sometimes when she gets in a new place and has her sleeping schedule interrupted she runs a lowgrade fever. She has been really good though, and didn't throw a single fit the whole drive up, she's such a little trooper.
Two really weird things about this place are the lack of good grocery stores and you have to pay to use a cart!!! You put a quarter in and get it back when you return it. Target has an alarm system for their carts so you don't have to pay there, but there are no Super Targets or Super Walmarts here! I think Grant and I have figured out that most people have there groceries delivered, so we're going to try that next week and see how it goes.
I'm doing really good. Karen has been such a big help and so kind that I only had one day of homesickness and since then I've been fine. I'm so grateful to have her right across the hall. We'll keep ya'll updated on his sells, please keep on praying for him!

:we're still not flaming liberals, but we'll see what a summer in the north does to us!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

New Jersey

Here are some pics of the new place, we especially love the kitchen!