Thursday, December 22, 2011

Holiday Post

It's been a great year! Job promotions, moving, having a healthy pregnancy, Sienna starting Kindergarten, Maggie being Maggie, and so much more! We are so blessed!!! We found out a couple of weeks ago that we are having a BOY! I was in shock. To tell the truth I'm so anxious. The only thing I can compare it to is the nervousness that some second time moms get about loving their second child as much as their first. You can't fathom loving anything as much as your first child, but then that baby is there, and your heart literally grows! I can't imagine loving a boy as much as I love my girls, but I'm sure I'm in for some major growth in the heart area!!!
 Our holiday decor

We decided to stay in Rexburg for the holidays. It was a gut wrenching decision, but we had that nagging feeling that we shouldn't travel to Texas. It broke my heart to admit to it. We had the money set aside and all the plans made. Both of my grandma's, plus my favorite Aunt are there, and my little bro got married. Grant's grandma who we named Maggie after has never met her! His mom was so looking forward to us being there and so were we! Plus ALL of my five siblings are there for the first time since Daniel got home from his mission. Needless to say, we REALLY wanted to ignore promptings and go, but I looked at Grant one night and told him what I'd been feeling, and he instantly said he was relieved because he was scared to tell me he'd been feeling the same way. After some doc appointments we are sure that we made the right decision not to go, and my doctor agreed. So we are making the best of it and continuing traditions that we started last year!
 Our AWESOME PJ'S!!! Thanks Bella!!!

Our Christmas plans are to wake up Saturday and to take the girls sledding. We are doing most of the celebrating like present opening and such on Saturday so we can make Sunday all about Christ. Both Grant and I think it's so special that Christmas is on the Sabbath this year, so we intend on making it even more spiritual. We are still doing the three presents plus one from Santa, representing the three presents Christ received. Grant will read the Christmas story on Saturday night, and then we'll open presents. Sunday we go to church, talk with family, eat great food, and we'll do a couple of spiritual things that we have planned. Of course there will be piano playing of our favorite Christmas hymns, and much singing. It's going to be a great weekend!

On a totally different note, Grant finished this semester, and fingers crossed, we're pretty sure he made straight A's again. He's such a hard worker!!! I'm so proud of him! He deserves a major vacation, honestly we both do, but we'll have to wait until next summer for that. He's such a good daddy, and husband. He devotes every ounce of his being to us, and I'm so grateful for it! I'm so lucky that I found such smart handsome man! I hope our little boy is just like him!!!

And also totally not on the holiday theme, Sienna lost her first tooth yesterday. She was so nervous, and when Grant pulled it out she had a little freak out, but once it was out, she was so proud. Love that girl! Here's a little video of it, and a post interview video. Enjoy! She's one theatrical little girl! I wonder where she gets that from. ;)

Friday, November 4, 2011

New Place, New Baby, New Sister.

Lots of new things in our lives right now! We moved about a month ago, and we love it. More space, new decor, and a feeling of home. I've done a lot of redecorating, and eventually, when I can have the rooms picked up for longer than a min I'll take pics. We are going to totally redecorate the girls bedroom after Christmas because they are getting bunk beds, thanks to their Bella. (Grant's mom.) It's just fun to be out of a stark white environment, and so nice that my friend/landloard, Melinda, has such great taste and picked wonderful paint colors for this place!

We also are expecting our third baby. No we do not know the sex yet, but we really don't care what it is. We just want a healthy baby. Of course a girl would be nice because it would save us lots! Sienna is super excited, and has her boy name picked out, but she also says she thinks it's a girl. Maggie is oblivious, and her world will be rocked in May. It's so funny that we tried for a year, lost two babies, and right when we stopped trying and got on birth control, we got pregnant. The timing of things couldn't be anymore perfect. Grant will graduate a month before this little one arrives, and he'll actually get to be home more to help after the baby gets here. I think we've decided to do this birth by ourselves. My mom was there for Sienna, his mom was there for Maggie, and it was awesome to have all the help, but this could be our last baby, so we are going to have just me and him in the delivery room, and he'll get to take a week off to spend time with our new little family. I'm so looking forward to it! Then we can bring on the Grandmas!!!

Last of all, I'm getting a new sister in December! No my 50+ mother is not expecting, my little brother is getting married! I haven't met her yet, darn this living so far away, but Sienna spent a month in Texas this summer and she adores her new Aunt Sammy. From what I hear, she's pretty impressive,  is going to TCU, and is a track star. (at least to my brother) I've seen pics, and she is gorgeous, so I approve! We are going for the wedding and I can't wait to meet her! After Daniel gets hitched my parents have only one child left to get married! I can't believe how fast it went from living at home and us all being kids, to becoming married adults. My little sister, who is the only one not married, even has her own apartment, so you can hardly still call her anything but an adult. So weird.

So for our trip, I'm going to get some new maternity clothes. That's what I'm getting with my B-Day money.  Here are a few looks that I'm hoping I don't look awkward in!

I love this dress. I'm hoping it will be long enough on me!

Is anyone else obsessed with the tall sock, boot, legging combo??? I hope my short preggo legs look good in this trend, because its soooo wintery and I can't get enough.

Throw in a couple on long comfy cardigans, and call it a day. I love being preggo in the winter!