Thursday, March 15, 2012

Pics of a Leprechaun

Sienna is so stinkin funny. Today she asked if she was a leprechaun. The way her mind works is logical, but ridiculous at the same time. Yes my dear, you are a ginger, and you are little, but you are not a magical creature that grants wishes and has a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, although you do act like you live at the end of a rainbow. You have you're own little world. I hope that never ends.

Her grandmothers have been asking for pics of her lately, and I will say I have taken less pics of her than normal. This past year she has changed from a little model to the awkward canned smile stage that we all go through sometime in life. Today she looked cute, and let me do something nice to her hair, (which is rare these days) so I thought lets go out and take a couple of quick pics. The child could not hold still. She would take a pic and then say, "Hold on mom, let me get my wiggles out.", and then run the loop around the sidewalk outside our front door. She would then come back and give the forced smile and repeat the before mentioned wiggle getting out process. No wonder why she's so skinny! I got four pics. That's all she had patience for.

She's still adorable. I love her so much!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Our Anniversary

We are boring. Hahaha, that sums us up. We are happiest together at home. This year we tried to make plans for a romantic anniversary, and at the end of the day, we both are just to tired to do anything. I think it was a relief to both of us that we didn't expect a huge romantic gesture. Grant shows his love for me everyday, and I hope I do for him, so maybe that's why? I don't know, but it ended up great that we didn't make huge plans, because they would have been cancelled. I ended up having a small uncomfortable procedure done yesterday that has left me bed ridden and drugged up. I won't go into details, so don't ask, but I will say it hurts to walk.:(

Anyway, I'll start from the beginning of our plan making, because I find it quite hilarious where we actually ended up. We originally planned on getting a hotel for the night in Pocatello at one of those themed suite places. We planned on it for about a month, and then we both decided that it was pointless, and that we'd rather just sleep in our own bed. So then we decided on dinner and a movie. The movie was quickly exed, because we hate movie theater chairs, and we'd rather cuddle on the couch. So then that left just dinner. That was our plan. Well, I ended up at Community Care yesterday evening, and after that we knew eating out wasn't an option, so the plan was for Grant to pick up the food, and we would just eat and celebrate with the girls. Grant got home to take our food orders and it became clear that Maggie was going to be attached to him for the rest of the evening, and he was unsure he could handle her and carrying out the food from the restaurant. We then downgraded to McDonalds drive through.
So our anniversary was us eating McDonalds on the couch watching The Colbert Report. It's funny to me to look at the way we celebrated our first year, to this year.  I think we'll end up really going out to eat next week, and probably get a redbox on the way home, but for now I love that we know how much we love each other, and that's all we really need. So far my years with Grant have made me the happiest I've ever been, and I don't see that ever changing. Next year we're planning on a cruise, so maybe that means we'll actually make it to dinner at a nice place without the kids? Who knows, but as long as we're together, I know we'll be happy. :)

This seems like just yesterday, and an eternity ago.