Friday, December 18, 2009

It's a GIRL!!!

We found out yesterday that we are having another girl and we couldn't be happier!!! The sad part is that we gave all our baby clothes away because it took so long to get pregnant that we just stopped hoping, we found out 2 weeks later that we're expecting. I guess that's just the way it goes.:) We are going to name her after Grant's paternal Grandmother, Marjorie Hope Daniel. We're going to call her Maggie for short. We had a couple of other names that we liked but we made the mistake of saying Maggie in front of Sienna and she has called the baby Maggie ever since so we really don't have a choice at this point. We called Grant's grandmother yesterday to tell her and she informed us that her birthday is right around the due date, so we're just calling this one divine providence. Anyway, as most of you know, I wanted a girl so I'm thrilled and we're feeling pretty blessed. Oh yeah my due date has been moved up a little, maybe around the 10th or 11th,... we'll see.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Adventures with morning sickness

So I have been sooooooooo sick with this pregnancy! I know everyone tells me that sick mommas make healthy babies, but this has seriously been the worst. Poor Grant has been doing almost everything. Just call him mister mom. I have to apologize to anyone that has called, texted, emailed, or tried to contact me in any way, I'm just so tired I rarely respond. If you need to get a hold of us call Grant for right now.
Okay, enough complaining! On a good note I'm out of my first trimester and we find out what the baby is on Dec. 17th, right before we go home for Christmas. The heartbeat was so strong at the last appt, so our worries of miscarriage are almost gone, although I will always worry a little. Sienna is convinced that it's going to be a girl, but I'm almost positive it's a boy. I would love to be wrong though, I love lil girl clothes and bows! We have picked out some names, girl names come so much easier than the boy names do, which I think it's more proof of a boy. Any name suggestions are welcome!
Grant is doing well in school, he's working towards another perfect straight A semester. I'm really proud of how well he's done handling everything. I def got a winner. He's enjoying all of his classes, his favorite would probably be history and philosophy so he's going to do a cluster in history. The man is a studying machine!!! I have seriously never seen anyone work so hard. It is really paying off.
Sienna is still our perfectly funny lil girl. She seems so much older, I don't want her to get any bigger! She was in her first primary presentation, although she's still in nursery, and memorized her whole line and said it without any help. She still is telling everyone that the baby is mean because it makes mommy sick, but she is really excited about the baby none the less. She told me on the way to the doctor that I was really big now, and I was a lil offended, but at the doc appt, we found out that I had lost weight so now that comment is just cute to me. She kisses my belly before she goes anywhere and tells the baby that she loves it, and that just warms my heart. She's going to be the best big sister!
We can't wait for Christmas, and to to see our family and all y'all back home. We plan on being there the 19th and staying for 2 or 3 weeks. I know Grant is ready for the break and so am I! I most of all can't wait for the tamales and caso at Grant's mom's and Navajo tacos at mine! I can just taste it now, which isn't so great for morning sickness, but hopefully I'll feel better then and be able to enjoy it all. See you all soon!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


So we've been in Idaho for about a month now and we love it! Our townhome is the perfect size, love the neighbors, and love having the church across the street! Everything is so close, we honestly have not been using the car that much, which is great for our pocketbooks!!! Grant is really enjoying school and is doing well in all of his classes thus far. He's getting on the fast track so that we can finish up his BA a year faster, and we'll be in law school that much quicker! He's become mister mom and taken care of the house and been doing all of the cooking, cleaning, and playing with Sienna because I've been out of commission for the past 4 weeks, why you might ask, this pesky little condition called morning sickness!!!!!!!! Yes we are preggers, we found out the week we got here, I'm about 10 weeks along and we are so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!After a long road of getting here this one looks like it's going to stick, the doctor says with sickness the risk of miscarriage is significantly lower and I've definately had a lot of sickness, so we're feeling good about it. I want a girl and Grant want's a boy so we'll see, but either way we feel so blessed. We joke that the Merrifields fertility must have lingered around here and rubbed off on us (we rent the townhome from them), but we really know that the Lord has anwered our prayers. Anyway, we'll post pics of the place and sonogram soon, my mom and mommy in law have been on me to do this, but I've been sort of lazy of late so I hope they'll forgive me! So all in all Idaho is awesome.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

We're back in Texas!

Well a lot has happened since the last post, mainly we decided to come home early! It all happened really quick, one Saturday night Grant was talking about his sales goal and if he would hit it and what we would do if we didn't and all of our options and I thought of a few different things, one of which was going home two weeks early. At first we both sort of were like, no we won't go home, we're so close to the goal, and we moved on with the conversation and talked for about an hour and came back to going home. I really did not want to give up, pride I think, so I was really against it and I think Grant felt the same, but we both couldn't get the thought out of our heads. We decided that we should call Grant's manager and talk to him about it, so we did and we talked it over with him and we left deciding to stay and feeling like we had found a solution to all of our worries. We went home and prayed and told the lord our decision, and I went to bed content that we were staying.
The next morning Grant got up and said I think we need to call our parents and talk to them, I still feel like we need to go home. I was shocked but when I thought about it I got the same impression, but I told him that of course our parents would encourage us to go home because they missed the Nena girl so I didn't think they would be much help, but Grant called my dad and his mom and they both went over the pros and cons of staying and leaving and were really helpful. It all seemed to be leaning toward staying, but we both could not get the impression that we should leave to go away, so we decided that no matter what we had to do what we felt the Lord was telling us to do, so feeling defeated we started packing so we could go home that night. Grant was ten away from meeting his goal, and we felt like failures, but we had to trust that we were doing the right thing. The really sad part is that most of our friends were in New York and we were leaving without saying goodbye, so I was not in a good mood.
As we were loading up the car and about to leave one of the sales reps mentioned to Grant that he could sell at home, and instantly it was like a light bulb went off and it all sort of clicked. On the long drive home we came up with a new plan, that Grant would continue selling at home, I could work, and we could get everything with school situated and spend time with both our families before we moved away for who knows how long. It all felt right and the best part was I got to see my Grandpa, who isn't in the best of health, because he was visiting my parents. Grant has sold 5 since we've been back, three have been installed and two are getting installed while I type, and he has several promising meetings set up for the rest of this week, so we are faithful that he will meet his goal. It was a really big lesson I think especially to me because I really did not want to give up and come home. It just goes to show me that the Lord's way is always better than mine because he can see things that I can't and I have definitely learned to trust in him a little more.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cute Things that Sienna does,...

I wanted to do this because I'm starting to forget some of the funny/smart/cute things that she does on a daily basis, so I'm going to try to post any note worthy things that she does as time goes on.

She was on the phone with my mom and she asked her," Grandma, you buy me a pink Polly pocket?" Grandma responded "I don't know, we'll see." and Sienna said, "Well my Abuela (Grant's mom) get me stickers." Already learning the fine art of manipulation. She knows that my mom wants to be the favorite, so we shall see if a pink Polly will be arriving in the mail.

When you ask here what she's afraid of she will tell you communism. If you ask her what saves us from communism she'll tell you capitalism. This is the result of having a father that is majoring in economics.

Her favorite joke is "knock knock, whose there, DORA!" and that's it, she revels in the fact that people say Dora who and she gives no response and then gets giddy with laughter. I attribute this to my mom whose favorite joke is " What did the momma hippo name her baby,...John."

When she was 18 months she was playing with a spray bottle that I used for doing hair, and she was going around squirting everyone, and my brother was in his room and we told her to go get Daniel. All on her own she knocked on his door and said "UN DAIEL (uncle Daniel)!" and he said "WHAT" and she said "KISSES!" and made the kissy noise pretending that she wanted kisses and when he opened the door she hosed him.

She constantly is singing and dancing everywhere she goes and makes up songs about everyone and one day she sang over and over that Uncle Daniel is a punk.

She went through a phase where she had to wear her bathing suit everyday. Not that unusual in the summer for kids, but it was December.

She's always caught on to the considerate things, at 10 months she told me bless you when I sneezed on the way home from shopping. She also notices anytime I get dressed up or put on make up aka Sundays and tells me I look so pretty. One Sunday she told me, "Mom I really like you boobs." I was horrified because not only do you not want those words come out of your toddler's mouth, but you really don't want here to say them in front of the missionaries your feeding Sunday dinner to.

She says"Boys fart and Girls toot."

She walked into the feed store with her abuela and she held her nose the whole time she was in there, and insisted that someone had tooted.

She sometimes talks out of the side of her mouth, usually when she's nodding confirming something that she thinks we already should know.

She of course knows her ABC's, shapes, she can count to 20, and knows all animal noises including the ones that come from daddy.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I Choose to be Happy!

If you always look for things to drag you down you'll find them. Grant and I have had hard times but I love him because he always stays positive and is happy no matter what. He has definitely taught me that happiness is a choice and it's the way we want to live. I have learned this lesson more here in Jersey watching some people around me. You can let little things drag you down, throw fits when you don't get things your way and choose not to work together for the common good, or you can choose to love the unique opportunity of living so close to such history, take it in when you can, make new friends and enjoy the rest of the time that your left with in the wonderful summer sun or in the fab apartments that the company has put us in. I have fallen victim to the mentality that once we get this thing or a big house or a new job, that life will be perfect but the truth is very simple, if your not happy where you are, your not going to get happy where your going. So I choose to be happy here, and when I made that choice it I really fell in love with this place and I'm going to be sad to leave. I'm especially going to miss lounging by the pool and having a gym in our building, but I know I will be just as happy in Idaho and it's a wonderful blessing that Grant has given me in my life! I love that he is such a hard worker, and he even goes to the grocery store for me when I don't want to. He's such a great husband and a great example of how a positive attitude gets you so much farther than griping and complaining ever will. I love him!!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Random pics and Moments.

So we thought we left this cd of our new family pics and new ones of Nena back in Texas, but Grant found it so I'm posting them. Heather built an awesome new set and asked me to bring Sienna to come take some pics, so of course I didn't say no and Grant and I jumped in for a family one.

A quick update of how things are going,... Grant is doing well, had a rough week this week but ended it on a good note and made a sell today!

I have made a couple of new friends, Rachael is the manager's wife and I adore her and all her crafty skillz! She seriously probably doesn't sleep because she works full time, goes to school, and does the most amazing crafts you've ever seen! Her mind has to be going a million miles an hour all the time. Anyway her crafting got me thinking that I might be able to pull off making some bows so we went to the craft store, picked out the ribbon and got all the stuff I needed, looked up youtube videos on how to make bows and gave it a shot and here are the results. Not to shabby I think! My mom was proud and I think I'm going to get a sewing machine for Christmas and learn how to make some cute dresses for the Nena girl. How I made it out of a house with a mother that is a master seamstress and didn't learn one thing about it is beyond me and I really regret it, but hopefully I'll make up for it.

Also Sienna made a new friend at the pool today, her name is Sasha. She is also three and her aunt lives in our building. She has the cutest little afro and looked like she stepped out of a children's mag! I just wanted to take her home, but we got her mom's number and we planned a play date instead. She also is friends with our Bishop's daughter named Sarah. She is 5 and a very good influence on Sienna!!! We went to the Bronx Zoo a week ago and they had so much fun. I loved the zoo and we will post some pics from that when I get them from Alisha(Sarah's mom) because I forgot like a dumb dumb to bring the camera, but Alisha made sure to get lots of pics of Nena for us, and she has a better camera anyway so it was all for the best.

We really do love it here and we're having so much fun! Grant and I have made an effort to get in better shape so we're eating better and working out every morning and it has made the biggest difference in our lives! I know it sounds cliche but working out and eating right really does make you happier! A healthy dose of the sun does also! Try it, it gets rid of all mopey feelings!(if you can tell by the use of exclamation points) Anyway we only have another month here and then off to Texas for a week and then Idaho so we are going to try to enjoy every last moment while we're here.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

The First month or so in Jersey!

Our little family has loved our adventure thus far in the great state of Jersey. Sunday we made our first trip out to the big apple and I've never seen so many people walking around in my life! We had fun but since it was the sabbath we really could not do much. We're planning on having a date night where we go to the top of the empire state building soon, and we're looking forward to that!
Sienna just got a bike and loves it. It was so funny in the store she kept saying I'm not safe without a helmet!!! So of course we bought her a cute lil pink helmet to go with her purple and pink bike. She really hasn't gotten off the bike since we got it, she even went to sleep in her helmet. So precious!
My days now are mostly spent at the pool. I'm actually getting a tan from the sun! Everyone that know me knows that this is a huge deal. I have come to love the sun and all the good stuff it does for me. In Texas it is nearly impossible to enjoy the outdoors for me because of the heat, but here the temp is just right staying in the 80's so I love being outside! The only downside is that it rains all the time, but I wait for the break in the clouds everyday and we run the pool and stay until the rain comes back. Sienna is becoming a little fish. She started out afraid to get in the pool and then she wouldn't leave the steps, now she gets in and barley hangs on to my are and kicks the whole length of the pool, so yesterday I let go about three feet away from the step and she swam to them all by herself! She'll also monkey crall all around the perimeter of the pool. She love the pool just as much as mommy does.
Grant spends Monday through Saturday selling. He has every morning off until 12:00 and then off too the meeting. Our sleeping schedule has definitely changed, but since we're moving to a time zone with a two hour diff after the summer, it hopefully will stay around the same there. He has already sold 22 as of yesterday and had his biggest day this past Tuesday with three sells that all went in! I'm super proud of all his hard work. July is going to be his biggest month yet!!!
We are so grateful for all the prayers, and we have definitely seen the hand of the lord in our lives. I'm so thankful to have such a hard working hubby, and such a great lil girl that keeps life fun. We'll post again soon! Love you guys!!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Our first week in Jersey

So we've been in New Jersey for about a week now and we love it! There is a little family across the hall, shout out to the Collinswood Family, and they have a cute lil 2 year old boy named Caleb, who Sienna loves. She wakes up everyday and always asks if we can go see Caleb and Karen(his mommy).
Driving here is crazy though, but I'm proud to say I've braved it twice now. We had to buy a gps system when we got here because the roads are impossible to navigate by yourself. Unless you've been here you have no idea what the road system is like. There is no organization, a lot of the signs are hidden, and people honk and give you fun gestures all the time. It was funny driving into New Jersey because there were no welcome signs to be found, but then driving to the store a couple days ago we saw 2 for the northern entrance. I guess they just don't welcome southerners.
Grant is doing really well!!! He has made a sell everyday, the one on Monday cancelled, but he looked on the company web site today and he's number 5 in the office for this week and he's the top first year for this week. We know it's the Lord blessing us from all of your prayers, so thank you! Grant is working so hard and has such a positive attitude, I'm so proud of him.
Sienna did get a little sick last night, but seems to be feeling better this morning, sometimes when she gets in a new place and has her sleeping schedule interrupted she runs a lowgrade fever. She has been really good though, and didn't throw a single fit the whole drive up, she's such a little trooper.
Two really weird things about this place are the lack of good grocery stores and you have to pay to use a cart!!! You put a quarter in and get it back when you return it. Target has an alarm system for their carts so you don't have to pay there, but there are no Super Targets or Super Walmarts here! I think Grant and I have figured out that most people have there groceries delivered, so we're going to try that next week and see how it goes.
I'm doing really good. Karen has been such a big help and so kind that I only had one day of homesickness and since then I've been fine. I'm so grateful to have her right across the hall. We'll keep ya'll updated on his sells, please keep on praying for him!

:we're still not flaming liberals, but we'll see what a summer in the north does to us!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

New Jersey

Here are some pics of the new place, we especially love the kitchen!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Grant and I got sealed on Saturday at the Houston, TX temple and it was wonderful! We've been waiting for this day for a while and nothing could take away from our happiness, not even the weird crepe place we ate at afterwards! We will be posting pics as soon as Heather is done editing, but it was a beautiful day and the temple grounds were perfect. I never knew we had such a pretty temple in Texas. We love how green Houston is and how many trees there are, even downtown is covered in them. It's a very cool city, and we feel very blessed to have been sealed there.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Feeling Under the Weather

So I've felt kind of gross the past couple of days, my head feels like it's been hit by a ton of bricks, I've been running a low grade fever, and the weather forecast is bad for this weekend so I've been kinda down. Then this morning Sienna was eating m&m's because she found them on the table (her abuela had brought them when she picked up Grant for work and Grant had left them on the table) and I didn't feel good enough to make a real breakfast and she looked up at me and said, "Your my best friend, mommy." It was so sincere and my heart just melted and I totally forgot about how yucky I feel and the weather this weekend and was reminded of how lucky I am to get to stay at home with Sienna, and what a blessed life I lead.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Going away party

Well last night/early this morning was Daniel's going away party for his mission. Daniel let us have his old camera because he got a new one, and I'm pretty excited, but I think Natalie was just a bit more excited than I was. It was fun to get out of the house and actually hang out with people, something that we don't get to do near as often as we would like. Sienna had a great time playing with Adam and Jacob, and Natalie got to hold Caden, David and Cilla's newest addition. We saw a bunch of old friends from singles ward and it was nice to reconnect with them. We ate a lot and laughed until 1:00am and then we had to go home, we're getting old I guess. It was a lot of fun and we're happy for Daniel.