Saturday, July 25, 2009

Random pics and Moments.

So we thought we left this cd of our new family pics and new ones of Nena back in Texas, but Grant found it so I'm posting them. Heather built an awesome new set and asked me to bring Sienna to come take some pics, so of course I didn't say no and Grant and I jumped in for a family one.

A quick update of how things are going,... Grant is doing well, had a rough week this week but ended it on a good note and made a sell today!

I have made a couple of new friends, Rachael is the manager's wife and I adore her and all her crafty skillz! She seriously probably doesn't sleep because she works full time, goes to school, and does the most amazing crafts you've ever seen! Her mind has to be going a million miles an hour all the time. Anyway her crafting got me thinking that I might be able to pull off making some bows so we went to the craft store, picked out the ribbon and got all the stuff I needed, looked up youtube videos on how to make bows and gave it a shot and here are the results. Not to shabby I think! My mom was proud and I think I'm going to get a sewing machine for Christmas and learn how to make some cute dresses for the Nena girl. How I made it out of a house with a mother that is a master seamstress and didn't learn one thing about it is beyond me and I really regret it, but hopefully I'll make up for it.

Also Sienna made a new friend at the pool today, her name is Sasha. She is also three and her aunt lives in our building. She has the cutest little afro and looked like she stepped out of a children's mag! I just wanted to take her home, but we got her mom's number and we planned a play date instead. She also is friends with our Bishop's daughter named Sarah. She is 5 and a very good influence on Sienna!!! We went to the Bronx Zoo a week ago and they had so much fun. I loved the zoo and we will post some pics from that when I get them from Alisha(Sarah's mom) because I forgot like a dumb dumb to bring the camera, but Alisha made sure to get lots of pics of Nena for us, and she has a better camera anyway so it was all for the best.

We really do love it here and we're having so much fun! Grant and I have made an effort to get in better shape so we're eating better and working out every morning and it has made the biggest difference in our lives! I know it sounds cliche but working out and eating right really does make you happier! A healthy dose of the sun does also! Try it, it gets rid of all mopey feelings!(if you can tell by the use of exclamation points) Anyway we only have another month here and then off to Texas for a week and then Idaho so we are going to try to enjoy every last moment while we're here.

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