Thursday, July 2, 2009

The First month or so in Jersey!

Our little family has loved our adventure thus far in the great state of Jersey. Sunday we made our first trip out to the big apple and I've never seen so many people walking around in my life! We had fun but since it was the sabbath we really could not do much. We're planning on having a date night where we go to the top of the empire state building soon, and we're looking forward to that!
Sienna just got a bike and loves it. It was so funny in the store she kept saying I'm not safe without a helmet!!! So of course we bought her a cute lil pink helmet to go with her purple and pink bike. She really hasn't gotten off the bike since we got it, she even went to sleep in her helmet. So precious!
My days now are mostly spent at the pool. I'm actually getting a tan from the sun! Everyone that know me knows that this is a huge deal. I have come to love the sun and all the good stuff it does for me. In Texas it is nearly impossible to enjoy the outdoors for me because of the heat, but here the temp is just right staying in the 80's so I love being outside! The only downside is that it rains all the time, but I wait for the break in the clouds everyday and we run the pool and stay until the rain comes back. Sienna is becoming a little fish. She started out afraid to get in the pool and then she wouldn't leave the steps, now she gets in and barley hangs on to my are and kicks the whole length of the pool, so yesterday I let go about three feet away from the step and she swam to them all by herself! She'll also monkey crall all around the perimeter of the pool. She love the pool just as much as mommy does.
Grant spends Monday through Saturday selling. He has every morning off until 12:00 and then off too the meeting. Our sleeping schedule has definitely changed, but since we're moving to a time zone with a two hour diff after the summer, it hopefully will stay around the same there. He has already sold 22 as of yesterday and had his biggest day this past Tuesday with three sells that all went in! I'm super proud of all his hard work. July is going to be his biggest month yet!!!
We are so grateful for all the prayers, and we have definitely seen the hand of the lord in our lives. I'm so thankful to have such a hard working hubby, and such a great lil girl that keeps life fun. We'll post again soon! Love you guys!!!

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