Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I Choose to be Happy!

If you always look for things to drag you down you'll find them. Grant and I have had hard times but I love him because he always stays positive and is happy no matter what. He has definitely taught me that happiness is a choice and it's the way we want to live. I have learned this lesson more here in Jersey watching some people around me. You can let little things drag you down, throw fits when you don't get things your way and choose not to work together for the common good, or you can choose to love the unique opportunity of living so close to such history, take it in when you can, make new friends and enjoy the rest of the time that your left with in the wonderful summer sun or in the fab apartments that the company has put us in. I have fallen victim to the mentality that once we get this thing or a big house or a new job, that life will be perfect but the truth is very simple, if your not happy where you are, your not going to get happy where your going. So I choose to be happy here, and when I made that choice it I really fell in love with this place and I'm going to be sad to leave. I'm especially going to miss lounging by the pool and having a gym in our building, but I know I will be just as happy in Idaho and it's a wonderful blessing that Grant has given me in my life! I love that he is such a hard worker, and he even goes to the grocery store for me when I don't want to. He's such a great husband and a great example of how a positive attitude gets you so much farther than griping and complaining ever will. I love him!!!

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