Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cute Things that Sienna does,...

I wanted to do this because I'm starting to forget some of the funny/smart/cute things that she does on a daily basis, so I'm going to try to post any note worthy things that she does as time goes on.

She was on the phone with my mom and she asked her," Grandma, you buy me a pink Polly pocket?" Grandma responded "I don't know, we'll see." and Sienna said, "Well my Abuela (Grant's mom) get me stickers." Already learning the fine art of manipulation. She knows that my mom wants to be the favorite, so we shall see if a pink Polly will be arriving in the mail.

When you ask here what she's afraid of she will tell you communism. If you ask her what saves us from communism she'll tell you capitalism. This is the result of having a father that is majoring in economics.

Her favorite joke is "knock knock, whose there, DORA!" and that's it, she revels in the fact that people say Dora who and she gives no response and then gets giddy with laughter. I attribute this to my mom whose favorite joke is " What did the momma hippo name her baby,...John."

When she was 18 months she was playing with a spray bottle that I used for doing hair, and she was going around squirting everyone, and my brother was in his room and we told her to go get Daniel. All on her own she knocked on his door and said "UN DAIEL (uncle Daniel)!" and he said "WHAT" and she said "KISSES!" and made the kissy noise pretending that she wanted kisses and when he opened the door she hosed him.

She constantly is singing and dancing everywhere she goes and makes up songs about everyone and one day she sang over and over that Uncle Daniel is a punk.

She went through a phase where she had to wear her bathing suit everyday. Not that unusual in the summer for kids, but it was December.

She's always caught on to the considerate things, at 10 months she told me bless you when I sneezed on the way home from shopping. She also notices anytime I get dressed up or put on make up aka Sundays and tells me I look so pretty. One Sunday she told me, "Mom I really like you boobs." I was horrified because not only do you not want those words come out of your toddler's mouth, but you really don't want here to say them in front of the missionaries your feeding Sunday dinner to.

She says"Boys fart and Girls toot."

She walked into the feed store with her abuela and she held her nose the whole time she was in there, and insisted that someone had tooted.

She sometimes talks out of the side of her mouth, usually when she's nodding confirming something that she thinks we already should know.

She of course knows her ABC's, shapes, she can count to 20, and knows all animal noises including the ones that come from daddy.

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