Saturday, May 26, 2012


Forgive me if your uterus just skipped a beat.

Thank you Katie Floyd!!!

All Hail the Graduate

Sienna Graduated from Kindergarten so hear are her six year pics to celebrate! Eat your heart out elementary school boys!

My Maggie Age 2!

Oh how I love my Maggie. She is just so pretty and funny. I love how she never walks. It's always a gallop, or trot, or booty shaking run. I love how she's such a stinker. She terrorizes her sweet older sister, and even Sienna lets her get away with it because she's so darn cute! I love her silly smiles, laughs, and her high pitched sing song,"You're welcome" any time she hears thank you. I love that she is the paci police. All babies need a paci in her head. I love how she calls her brother Phieas, never Finn or Phineas. I love that she yells "SISTER!" when she's trying to get Sienna's attention. I love the way she says Daddy, or more screams it with enthusiasm any time she wants him. Most of all I love the way she says my name, Mommy, because it means that she's mine! Happy Birthday to my wonderful little 2 year old! 

Birth Story Pics

My wonderful friend, Katie, came at 2am to take these pics for us. I will forever cherish and love them! Thank you so much Katie!!! We love you!!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Theodore Phineas Daniel

Here is a brief birth story for our little guy.  I went to my doctor's appointment on Thursday and had the regular NST and biophysical done. There is a scoring system done with these and the closer to ten the better. I got 6 out of ten, or rather Finn got 6 out of ten. This wasn't the worst score ever, but my amniotic fluid was continuously getting lower, and there were a couple of other warning signs that he was under stress so the doctor and I decided to induce that day. I was in shock. I knew there was the possibility, but I really wasn't prepared to deliver him almost three weeks early! I went home, figured out what to do with the girls, (Thank you Kate, Ashley, Jeff, Joshua, and Celeste for tag teaming them!) and them headed up to the hospital with Grant.

 Me at 37 weeks

It started off SLOWLY! I wondered how fast I would deliver since it was so early, and I showed no signs of being in labor on my own. To make things a little slower, my usual doc had to leave for a out of state conference, so after he broke my water the other doctor refused to put me on Pitocin because he wanted to see if my body would do it on it's own. Later we found out that he had something to do with his kids at 6:00pm in Idaho Falls, and he didn't want me laboring to quickly because he wouldn't be able to make it in time. So my doc broke my water at 11am, I got an epidural around 1pm, and I finally got started on Pitocin  at 8pm. It was a long day of waiting.

Once they started me on Pit, things really started moving. I was dilating two cm every hour, and progressing really nicely. A couple of hours into it I started feeling pain, so the nurse anesthetist came and gave me another dose of the good stuff. I was completely numb, and we had fun laughs as the nurse would move my legs for different things. Totally couldn't feel anything. Around 12am the numbness started to wear off, and I could feel a little cramp here and there. I thought nothing of it, in fact I was a little relieved because I knew I could feel to push. Around 1am, the pain was far more intense. I then asked for another dose of meds, but the nurse anesthetist was in a c-section, and I was at an 8. The nurse told me that I would deliver before he was able to get there.

By 2 the pain was super intense, like nothing I had ever felt before! The nurse checked me and she said I was almost at a ten, that there was one little part that needed to go away, so she said the next contraction that I would push to see if we could get the baby's head over that little part. I pushed and wanted to die! I could feel everything, and it was like I said, the worst pain I had ever felt. We were pretty sure that he was posterior, which is chin up, and that's why it was so difficult to push. My sweet friend Katie was there to take pics, and she had done two natural child births and said to push into the pain. The nurse said the same thing. I couldn't fathom how to push into that much pain!!! It just made it worse, and I was ready to give up and say give me a c-section. I was screaming with every push, begging the doc to get him out, and crying for my mom. I was a mess, and poor Grant looked helpless. By some miracle the doc was able to reposition his little head into the correct position, and all of a sudden pushing wasn't as bad, although it was still hell. He was out in two more pushes and I was out of the intense pain, and just overjoyed that he was finally here! He was born at 2:37am. I was exhausted, but I had done it, and he was and is perfect!

I enjoyed him for a while, then Grant held him, and while  he was having his testing done, got up to take a shower. I knew immediately that there was no epidural meds left because I could walk without any numbness. The nurse then discovered that the tube hadn't been properly taped and had completely come out of my back! The doc told me to tell everyone that I had him naturally, and take the street cred. I can't tell you why someone would choose to go through that pain! I will never contemplate going natural again. Ever. It was almost traumatic. I guess had I been expecting tons of pain, it might have been different, but I shudder to think of doing that again!

We named him Theodore Phineas Daniel. Such a long name for such a small boy. He was 6 lbs 7oz and 20 inches long. He has some hair, and it's super dark! He really looks just like Grant! We call him Finn, Teddy, Theo, Ted, or any other nick name you can come up with. Most of the time Finn. I picked the first name, and Grant and Sienna picked Phineas. They really wanted Phineas for the first name, but I just couldn't do that to him! We had several other names bouncing around until the very end, but I saw him and thought Theo, so Theodore it is! Grant was really pushing for Arthur, so it could have been much worse.;)

He's a typical newborn, not very fussy, and loves to be held. His sisters adore him, and we are constantly having fights over who gets to hold him. Sienna has been a big help, and will protect him from Maggie if I need to be doing something around the house. Maggie has adjusted so well, and only had one freak out when she saw me feeding him. Apparently nursing freaks her out. Other than that, and making sure he has a pacifier at ALL times, she's been sooooo good! Grant and I have been exhausted since we were up for literally 24 hours during the labor and delivery, but my milk came in yesterday morning, so Finn is more satisfied and sleeping for a bit longer in between feedings, which means we are playing a slow game of catch up on sleep. He's only 5 days old, but so far so good! We just adore our Theodore!!!