Saturday, May 26, 2012

My Maggie Age 2!

Oh how I love my Maggie. She is just so pretty and funny. I love how she never walks. It's always a gallop, or trot, or booty shaking run. I love how she's such a stinker. She terrorizes her sweet older sister, and even Sienna lets her get away with it because she's so darn cute! I love her silly smiles, laughs, and her high pitched sing song,"You're welcome" any time she hears thank you. I love that she is the paci police. All babies need a paci in her head. I love how she calls her brother Phieas, never Finn or Phineas. I love that she yells "SISTER!" when she's trying to get Sienna's attention. I love the way she says Daddy, or more screams it with enthusiasm any time she wants him. Most of all I love the way she says my name, Mommy, because it means that she's mine! Happy Birthday to my wonderful little 2 year old! 

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