Wednesday, October 14, 2009


So we've been in Idaho for about a month now and we love it! Our townhome is the perfect size, love the neighbors, and love having the church across the street! Everything is so close, we honestly have not been using the car that much, which is great for our pocketbooks!!! Grant is really enjoying school and is doing well in all of his classes thus far. He's getting on the fast track so that we can finish up his BA a year faster, and we'll be in law school that much quicker! He's become mister mom and taken care of the house and been doing all of the cooking, cleaning, and playing with Sienna because I've been out of commission for the past 4 weeks, why you might ask, this pesky little condition called morning sickness!!!!!!!! Yes we are preggers, we found out the week we got here, I'm about 10 weeks along and we are so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!After a long road of getting here this one looks like it's going to stick, the doctor says with sickness the risk of miscarriage is significantly lower and I've definately had a lot of sickness, so we're feeling good about it. I want a girl and Grant want's a boy so we'll see, but either way we feel so blessed. We joke that the Merrifields fertility must have lingered around here and rubbed off on us (we rent the townhome from them), but we really know that the Lord has anwered our prayers. Anyway, we'll post pics of the place and sonogram soon, my mom and mommy in law have been on me to do this, but I've been sort of lazy of late so I hope they'll forgive me! So all in all Idaho is awesome.

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