Tuesday, August 25, 2009

We're back in Texas!

Well a lot has happened since the last post, mainly we decided to come home early! It all happened really quick, one Saturday night Grant was talking about his sales goal and if he would hit it and what we would do if we didn't and all of our options and I thought of a few different things, one of which was going home two weeks early. At first we both sort of were like, no we won't go home, we're so close to the goal, and we moved on with the conversation and talked for about an hour and came back to going home. I really did not want to give up, pride I think, so I was really against it and I think Grant felt the same, but we both couldn't get the thought out of our heads. We decided that we should call Grant's manager and talk to him about it, so we did and we talked it over with him and we left deciding to stay and feeling like we had found a solution to all of our worries. We went home and prayed and told the lord our decision, and I went to bed content that we were staying.
The next morning Grant got up and said I think we need to call our parents and talk to them, I still feel like we need to go home. I was shocked but when I thought about it I got the same impression, but I told him that of course our parents would encourage us to go home because they missed the Nena girl so I didn't think they would be much help, but Grant called my dad and his mom and they both went over the pros and cons of staying and leaving and were really helpful. It all seemed to be leaning toward staying, but we both could not get the impression that we should leave to go away, so we decided that no matter what we had to do what we felt the Lord was telling us to do, so feeling defeated we started packing so we could go home that night. Grant was ten away from meeting his goal, and we felt like failures, but we had to trust that we were doing the right thing. The really sad part is that most of our friends were in New York and we were leaving without saying goodbye, so I was not in a good mood.
As we were loading up the car and about to leave one of the sales reps mentioned to Grant that he could sell at home, and instantly it was like a light bulb went off and it all sort of clicked. On the long drive home we came up with a new plan, that Grant would continue selling at home, I could work, and we could get everything with school situated and spend time with both our families before we moved away for who knows how long. It all felt right and the best part was I got to see my Grandpa, who isn't in the best of health, because he was visiting my parents. Grant has sold 5 since we've been back, three have been installed and two are getting installed while I type, and he has several promising meetings set up for the rest of this week, so we are faithful that he will meet his goal. It was a really big lesson I think especially to me because I really did not want to give up and come home. It just goes to show me that the Lord's way is always better than mine because he can see things that I can't and I have definitely learned to trust in him a little more.