Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Adventures with morning sickness

So I have been sooooooooo sick with this pregnancy! I know everyone tells me that sick mommas make healthy babies, but this has seriously been the worst. Poor Grant has been doing almost everything. Just call him mister mom. I have to apologize to anyone that has called, texted, emailed, or tried to contact me in any way, I'm just so tired I rarely respond. If you need to get a hold of us call Grant for right now.
Okay, enough complaining! On a good note I'm out of my first trimester and we find out what the baby is on Dec. 17th, right before we go home for Christmas. The heartbeat was so strong at the last appt, so our worries of miscarriage are almost gone, although I will always worry a little. Sienna is convinced that it's going to be a girl, but I'm almost positive it's a boy. I would love to be wrong though, I love lil girl clothes and bows! We have picked out some names, girl names come so much easier than the boy names do, which I think it's more proof of a boy. Any name suggestions are welcome!
Grant is doing well in school, he's working towards another perfect straight A semester. I'm really proud of how well he's done handling everything. I def got a winner. He's enjoying all of his classes, his favorite would probably be history and philosophy so he's going to do a cluster in history. The man is a studying machine!!! I have seriously never seen anyone work so hard. It is really paying off.
Sienna is still our perfectly funny lil girl. She seems so much older, I don't want her to get any bigger! She was in her first primary presentation, although she's still in nursery, and memorized her whole line and said it without any help. She still is telling everyone that the baby is mean because it makes mommy sick, but she is really excited about the baby none the less. She told me on the way to the doctor that I was really big now, and I was a lil offended, but at the doc appt, we found out that I had lost weight so now that comment is just cute to me. She kisses my belly before she goes anywhere and tells the baby that she loves it, and that just warms my heart. She's going to be the best big sister!
We can't wait for Christmas, and to to see our family and all y'all back home. We plan on being there the 19th and staying for 2 or 3 weeks. I know Grant is ready for the break and so am I! I most of all can't wait for the tamales and caso at Grant's mom's and Navajo tacos at mine! I can just taste it now, which isn't so great for morning sickness, but hopefully I'll feel better then and be able to enjoy it all. See you all soon!