Thursday, April 7, 2011

High on Allergy Meds

Does anyone else have a horrible reaction to snow mold? I seriously couldn't breathe a couple of nights ago and I thought I was dying. Yes I'm dramatic. I'm a big baby when it comes to breathing, I kind of like doing it considering it's essential to living. Any who, I have a new best friend named Claritin-D. We get along well. Brit didn't know she could be replaced so easily.

So I'm sitting here with the computer for the first time in a couple of weeks, Grant had a couple of major papers that he was working on, so what am I doing? Blog stalking. My guilty pleasure. I love getting a peak of how other people live. It's fun. I guess I'll give a lil peak into our life lately.

Grant is finishing the rest of his finals today. I'm so glad to have this semester over. This is my favorite time of year because the weather is getting good, and I have Grant at home every day for almost 5 months! I feel like during the school year we just kinda get in a rut and do the same routine everyday, and I never get to see him. It's great not having projects, papers, and tests looming around and crowding our weekends. I know he's relieved also, that just goes without saying.

There are other reasons to be excited, my lil bro is coming home from his mission in less than two weeks now! I'm super d duper excited. He is the funniest person I know, and I'm so proud of him for working so hard and serving such an honorable mission!!! We are going to try to bribe him with hotties to get him to go to BYUI. It shouldn't be hard to find him a lady friend. He's a handsome devil. Of course he is, he's related to me!;)

                                                              Daniel in his natural habitat.

This summer will also be bitter sweet for me. This is my last summer before Sienna starts school. Maggie and I will not know what to do without our lil entertainer being here all day. I start getting teary eyed just thinking about it. I'm not one of those moms that looks forward to school. I know I'm going to be missing her every second that she's gone! To make it worse she doesn't want me to take her to school, she keeps talking about riding the school bus. Make it stop!!! I am excited to see what she learns, and how she grows. We already know who her teacher will be, Mrs. Judy. She was in our ward and she's just wonderful. It comforts me to know she'll be in good and loving hands.

We also have a lot of people coming to visit this summer, my parents, Grant's dad, and possibly my lil sis and brother. We prob won't be able to go home until Christmas, so I'm glad that they are all coming. Maggie has changed so much when they last saw her, and I can't wait for them to get to know her better. She is such a little person now! Walking and talking up a storm. She is so funny with her mannerisms, so calm one moment, and then the next being a wild child with her sister. This morning when she woke up we put her in bed with us and anytime Grant would try to go back to sleep she would slap him and shake her head no! It was so funny. Poor Grant just wanted a couple more min of sleep, but she had other ideas!

We made it another year, with only one more to go, and we truly have been blessed. Grant is still doing wonderfully in school, we are still happy in love, the girls are smart and healthy, so what more do we need?(maybe a bigger clothes budget ;))

                                                        Here's a blond pic with my hair strait.

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Ailinh said...

Yay for new updates on your fam damily! Aaron is totally the same about breathing problems. But Zyrtec is his second lover. So many good things happening your neck of the woods. Keep updating us! You still look like a MILF with your blonde hair. Why do you gotta be so hot?