Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Things that are weirder than having a SIX year old.

Prob should be more weird, but whatevs. In case you didn't know, my Sienna is six. She turned six on the 17th. Yes I'm late in blogging, but last week was crazy, and we got sick this weekend, and I'm not great at blogging, so there. The cashier lady that rung up the birthday goods looked at me in shock when I told her my oldest was turning six. She was all wow, six, is that weird?! I took it as a complement, because I obviously look way to young to have a six year old, or maybe it was that she's 18 and only sees other 18 year old college students at the store in this college town, but I'm gonna believe the first.

Anywho, when I thought about her question, I decided it wasn't weird to have a six year old. Actually it's really nice. She's my helper, my comedian, my drama queen, and the best playmate to her sister. I love this age she's at. She tells me what she thinks, she has opinions about everything, including her disgust for matching socks (hers NEVER will match, by choice), and she comes up with the funniest stuff. The other night she asked us if ketchup is healthy, and Grant and I decided it is because it has lycopene in it. She then was all, "So I could just drink it and say,'What, what, it's healthy!'" I keep expecting to go down in the middle of the night to find her in the kitchen guzzling ketchup. Yes ladies and gents, that's my child.

There are so many other things that I find way more mind blowing than having an older child. Like that my lil sis, the baby of our family is in her 20's. Or that all of my brothers are married. Or that I'm having my third child. Or that Grant will be done with his bachelors this year, and he has a big person job. Or that we might live in Idaho for the rest of our lives. Or that we've gotten almost no snow this winter. Sienna being another year older is just fun now. She's a little person that is all her own, and every year she's older, I get to know that person a little better. I'm loving every moment of being her mom.

Here's a quick recap of the birthday festivities:
Tuesday she woke up early and we all ate donuts together as a family. It was early, but worth it. She didn't have school, so we took her BFF Lily to go get manicures, then we came home and ate McDonalds, and played dress up. At that point we were going to take her on a shopping spree later on that week, and at 5pm she told me that she wanted presents to open. So the second Grant got home I ran to Walmart and went crazy. Later we went to Sammy's, her favorite place to eat, and she opened all her presents and we took Lily home. A fun day.


We planned a surprise cake and ice cream party for Saturday. Lots of people from the ward, and her teacher Mrs. Judy came, and we all yelled surprise! She was so happy, especially because she thought the shakes we got at Sammy's replaced her blowing out candles. Babe, you will always get a cake as long as I'm your mom, which will be forever.  I was busy with the festivities and put Grant in charge of pics, so we got like one or two on his phone, that I don't have, so those pics aren't included, but just picture tons of balloons, and poppers that made a huge mess, and lots of kids, you get the idea. But here's a pic of the way Maggie smiles now. Closes her eyes every time. haha

It's an honor to be Sienna's mom. She's so wonderful, I feel like the most blessed mom in the world!

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Katie said...

i love this! happy birthday, sienna!