Tuesday, February 21, 2012

That Time I Went Grocery Shopping

I never go grocery shopping without Grant. Maybe twice have I braved a shopping trip with the kids without him. Occasionally I'll wait until the girls are asleep and he's doing homework to go, but usually we go every other Saturday as a family. Well, that was supposed to be last Saturday, but Maggie and I were sick, and Sienna sounded like she could hack up a lung at any second, so we opted not to go.

Today I wrote a list and decided to brave it. It's really not that the kids run wild, they are actually well behaved most of the time, it's the loading and the unloading of kids and groceries that I dread. Lazy, I know. But the lack of food around lunch time prompted the trip, so I got dressed, got them dressed, and headed out to good old Albertson's. (Walmart in IF was out of the question.) They both still have wicked coughs, and Sienna is running a barely there fever. Even with that, I decided that we had to have food. Grant would have ordered a pizza and called it a day. Sometimes I need to be more like him.

Anyway, by the time everyone was ready to go it was 1:30, and the girls were starving. I debated on making some oatmeal and eggs for lunch, but Sienna and I decided that Jamba Juice sounded better. So we went to Jamba, and we all got shakes and a pastry, and then to the store with shakes in hand. The trip went well. Sienna was occupied with her shake, and the free bakery cookie, so she didn't beg for anything. She did tell about four people that she had a 99 fever and both girls got their cough on. I was one of those mom's that you judge for bringing their sick kids in public. Aside from that, we were in and out.

And then it happened. I loaded the girls in the car, and Maggie started her uncontrollable coughing/gagging. Then her Razmataz Jamba was every where, and it wasn't being spilled out of her cup, if you get my drift. There was a puddle in her new car seat, all over her overalls, shoes, and coat. A mess. All I had was baby wipes, which I learned very quickly are not absorbent. And then the gagging and vomit got to me. As Sienna wisely once told me, sometimes you just have to swallow your throw up, and it's okay. Well that's what I did, and it was not okay. I wanted to die. Not really die, just die for a second to get me out of that moment. Grant is the one with the strong stomach, and he's so good in situations like that. But all they had was me. Sienna was making gagging noises also, but I assume she took her own advice. It was all pretty horrific.

I stripped Maggie down to her onsie, and strapped her in the middle seat belt, which if you know me that's a HUGE deal. I'm all about car seat safety, and it's one of my biggest pet peeves, but the store is literally less than 5 min from our house, and there was a huge puddle in her car seat that wipes weren't cleaning, so I decided this was the best course of action. Then I loaded the groceries, and came home. Sienna was a big helper and helped carry in and put away groceries while I changed and cleaned Maggie up. It's funny how well things were going until that point, I was even thinking, why don't I do this more often. Now I know why. I can promise you that it will prob be a while before I get the courage to go without Grant again. 

She's a mess.;)

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