Thursday, February 27, 2014

Phoebe Jean Daniel

We found out we were pregnant with Phoebe a little after our anniversary last year. We were building a house (that we ended up not buying), still living with my parents, and a baby was the last thing we were planning on! She has ended up being the best surprise of our lives! Just watching the way the kids are with her, and having her sweet spirit in our home, I know she was definitely in The Lord's plan for us.

Phoebe was born on October 30, 2013 around 2am in the morning. Her brother was born around the same time, and he's a handful (and heartful), and since they are 18 months apart I'm a little worried that I'm going to have an even crazier life when she's mobile! I went into labor the day before, and did the walking thing to speed it up, by 9pm that night I was finally progressing, and after begging for pitocin, and an epi, and having a party in the delivery room with my siblings, mom and Grant, she arrived in all her glory! It was probably the most fun I've ever had while in labor. We laughed so hard, at times I thought I would pop her out without the doctor there! My nurse was supposed to be with another delivering mother, but convinced the other nurses that she needed to be with us. She wanted to join in on all the fun! Anyway, I digress, it was instant love, and I've fallen even more in love with her since! She's a very smiley baby, like her brother, and she talks all. day. long. The noises that come from that child's mouth are some of the cutest and funniest I've ever heard. She has really plumped up nicely, and I love my squishy Phoebe Jean cuddles!

All of the kids quite simply love her. It took a little time for Teddy to warm up to her, but it's all good now. Maggie has been the most thrilled to have a little sister. I'm convinced The Lord sent Phoebe just for her. I've never seen a child so elated to hold a baby. Even four months later she says she's adorable about 15 times a day. Sienna has taken on the role of protector of her little siblings, and she loves and cares for them so much. She's begun to mature into a little lady, and I love seeing her tenderness that she has for little children. I hope she never looses that.

Having four kids hasn't been much harder than having three, and yes I think we will have one more. I know it's crazy, but I don't feel like I've hit my limit. In the midst of sleep deprivation I might say different things, but our family doesn't feel complete yet. Phoebe has made us feel whole for at least a couple of years though! Here's hoping 2014 is the year of not being pregnant for me!!!

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