Friday, December 10, 2010

Why I Love,...

Who do I love this week? Miss Marjorie Hope (Maggie Mae) Daniel. Why do I love her so,...

I love Maggie because she is always concerned. Maybe concerned isn't the right word, she's always focused. She studies everything all day long, and just recently she has shown us what she's learned. Today she tore up some foam from a box that I was about to throw away and while I was picking up bits of foam she got to the pantry that I stupidly left open and dumped out a whole box of corn flakes. While I was picking up the corn flakes she made it over to the kitchen drawer and pulled out all the kitchen towels and soiled three of them with spit up. I can't keep up with her! I love that she's smart and growing.

I love Maggie because she looks like my two other great loves, Sienna and Grant. She has the same big eyes as her sister, and the same eyebrows as her daddy. She cracks me up with her little serious looks, and sweet toothless grins. She has the perpetual runny nose that apparently is a family trait on my husbands side. She has a calm demeanor with passive aggressive tenancies just like her daddy too. She just fits in so well with our family!

I love Maggie because she's so picky and stubborn. She hates all juice and most fruit. She loves bananas and would eat them until she threw up if I'd let her. She will stop drinking a bottle in the middle of it and refuse it until I reheat it to the perfect temperature. She pulls herself up over, and over, and over again even though she gets mad that she can't get down without falling. She will not give up until she gets the exact toy/object that she's going for, even if Sienna has it in her hands. She will lunge out of my arms to get to her dad, EVERY time he walks in. The girl wants what she wants, and there is NO getting around it. I love that she's already a woman.haha

I love Maggie because she was a happy surprise. We wanted to have a baby after we got married so Sienna could have a sibling close in age, and then we would wait a while to have more. Well after some miscarriages we just put that plan out of our minds and made other ones, and then Maggie arrived. She was the best little miracle/surprise that we could ever get!

I love Maggie because she adores Sienna. I was so worried that there was something wrong with her because it took her FOREVER to smile! I now know she was just hyper-focusing on Sienna and how she could be more like her. Sienna can always get her to smile and laugh, and Maggie is like a lil puppy that follows her around. I don't think Maggie knows that she's not four just like her big sister, and even though there is a big age difference, they are the best of friends. The first thing Sienna asks to do every morning is to feed her sister a bottle and then they play for hours. I can just tell how much Maggie loves Sienna every time she looks at her. It's amazing how children recognize siblings!

I love Maggie because she's my baby! What more of a reason do I need?!

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