Monday, February 28, 2011

High and Low

Here are the Highs and Lows for the week,...

High: Grant had an interview for an internship and it went GREAT!!! Fingers crossed!!!!!!
Low: If he gets it he won't graduate until next April. I guess it's really not that big of a low, we still go to law school at the same time, and I get a hubby with a 9 to 5 for five glorious months. Okay it's closer to four, but I like the glass half full.

High: Maggie is saying Mama, Papa, Baba, Dada(old news) and walking. For reals walking everywhere.
Low: The stuffy nose from H E double hockey sticks has decided to stick around for week two, so still no sleep. She also has learned that standing on her tippy toes, clenching her butt cheeks, and screaming is a real quick way to get what she wants. She's the second child, so she's street smart, she's already learned to pull hair to get her way, and then cries and wants to cuddle when Sienna gets mad.

High: Sienna told me that she is never going to get married and grow up and she is going to live with me in this apartment forever and ever!!!
Low: We have to live in this Apartment for forever and ever!!! Maybe we can knock through a wall or something,...

High: I kept the house spic and span for a week, my laundry is even done. I patted myself on the back last night.
Low: I woke up to "Mom I wet the bed!" this morning and quickly realized she was in MY bed. Then Maggie fought me and won and rolled out of a diaper while I was changing her, and squatted and peed on the floor. Then I put both girls in the bath and Maggie pooped. I took them out of the bath and she peed on the bath mat. My laundry and house work is no longer done.

High: I made bread three times this week! The kids and hubby beg for it, and I obliged.
Low: I'm pretty sure I consumed my weight in bread this week. NOT Weight Watcher's Approved.

High: I caught up with a bunch of friends from back home today.
Low: My throat hurts from laughing and talking so much!!!

High: I was constantly reminded of how blessed I am to have such a hard working hubby this week.
Low: It's midnight and he's still not home.:(

And the last one is a little long

High: I got to sleep in this weekend because my wonderful hubby got up with the kiddos. It was a rough week of no sleep and Grant had some major stuff he needed to be well rested for, so I got up with the baby most of the week, i.e. why I was so tired and needed a couple of min of extra shut eye.

Low: I couldn't sleep after Sienna came in the room looking for a toy, and I got up before Grant expected me, and I found the living room covered in cereal. Tons of it. I asked what happened and Grant said that Mags just spilled it. To which Sienna promptly said" Nu uh, that's how daddy feeds Maggie. He does it all the time." Now I know why the girl puts everything she finds on the floor in her mouth. It might actually be food. He gave a sheepish grin and said," I usually have it cleaned up before you wake up." You can't get away with anything in this house! I have super spy Sienna!(that's def a high)


Katie said...

hahahahaha! I love Grant's feeding method!

Ailinh Harris said...

Oh I love love love reading these. Your family absolutely rocks! Cracked me up about Sienna wetting bed.