Thursday, March 3, 2011

Work, Poop and A Lil Vaca!!

It's been an interesting week. Not a bad one. Nothing horrible happened, but nothing extraordinary either. Everything eventful that happened had a comical quality to it, even if the underlying event was negative, so I can't even whine about it. Okay I could, but my life is way to good to ever whine about anything! Grant went in to work early and came home late every night this week. It's the month end/beginning, and it was way cute when both girls hung on to his pant leg and begged/cried for him not to go to work tonight. I think they we're afraid of being left with me honestly, I accidentally took Tylenol PM this morning, instead of regular Tylenol. In my defense, I didn't know that we had Tylenol PM. Grant bought it earlier this week, and I just grabbed the bottle without looking. So we have all stayed in our PJ's today and I've laid on the couch and tried to stay awake. Boring day for poor Sienna.

Maggie has also some how confused the bath tub with a toilet. Anytime I've bathed her this week she has pooped in the bath. Gross!!! Last night I started thinking about when we move the next people that move in won't have a clue what has been on the carpets and bath of this place. I clean and disinfect like a mad woman, but still, it's just disgusting.   And then I started thinking about what could have happened in this apartment before we moved here, and now I'm walking around like an OCD person with disinfectant and paper towels, wiping down anything that I can.

But there is a silver super shiny lining to this blah blah blah week. This Saturday I am leaving. Were you ask,... to go to glorious Vancouver, Washington. Why, to see my besty give birth. I'm so excited. I know next week will probably be spent sitting and walking around waiting for her to double over in pain, kinda weird that I'm excited, but it will not be in this tiny apartment, it will be in hers. I'm sure we will get to see Portland and hear all the reasons why we should move there when Grant graduates from school, but I'll also get to see a baby be born. I've done it, but I've never seen it. I can't wait to hold him, which will also be different for me, a him and not a her, and I'm gonna smother him in kisses and Ralph Lauren. Gah I can't wait!!! So my official prediction is that she will go into labor on next Thursday and he will be a 7 pounder. Aunt Natalie is coming lil Jude, so please stay all comfy in that belly until I get there!!!

PS, I've been reading The Hunger Games and it's a great series. I highly recommend it!!!

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Adam and Britney said...

YAYAYAYAYAYAY! Ralph Lauren and kisses!!!