Thursday, March 24, 2011

Happy Belated Anniversary

Mine and Grant's anniversary was on the 8th. I know I'm waaaay late in posting. But I was out of town, and I'm just now recovering from the travel, IE, getting the house back in order. It has been three glorious years of marriage and still not a raised voice from HIM. He has already taught me so much in these three years, I'm so grateful to have such a wonderful husband. I know he needs me too, because when I got back from Washington all that was in the fridge was soured milk and snack size pudding. Gross. Poor thing survived on Taco Bell. 

In more happy happenings, Grant got a big promotion last week and we are sooooo excited about it. It's what we call a 4reals big person job. Hooray for not answering phones in a call center anymore! I'm proud of having a husband that will work whatever job he has to, from scrubbing toilets, to working phones to support our family, but I'm thrilled that now he has a job that he can apply his mad econ skillz with! I know he enjoys what he is doing and that makes me incredibly happy.

So here's to the future looking bright with the most handsome man in the world. MUAH! Love You Babe!!! 


Katie said...

Congrats to you two!:)

Ailinh said...

Happy, happy anniversary you guys! And congrats to him on getting promoted!

Wood Bend Photography said...

Hmmm... Such lovely wedding pictures, yet not one post stating, I love Heather because she... :-( I'm holding Maggie's pic as ransom.