Thursday, August 4, 2011

If You Had A Hundred Dollars,...

Grant's job used to give him these awesome things called accolade points. Basically a reward for doing a good job. You can use them to buy almost anything, and he was saving them to get me a green kitchen aid. When he got promoted to salary, he stopped getting them, so we have about $100 worth of points left to use, and they are mine, since he's always used them in the past to get things like his iPad.  If you had $100 dollars to spend what would you get? I can't decide.

I love, love, love this necklace. I want it. I have for a while now. It's from Chantelle Nicole Designs, and I love a lot of her stuff. My hesitation is that I could wait and keep dropping Grant hints, and I might get this puppy for my birthday or Christmas.

I really love this dress. My favorite color with my favorite style. I love the high waist line. I love the forgiving fuller skirt. I love that she's walking dogs in this dress. L-O-V-E. It's at Shabby Apple.

And then I could always get something for the girls. I'm in love with the new Portobello Collection at Gap. Sienna would be so adorable in this get up.

So what would you get if you had 100 guiltless dollars to spend? You might come up with something 10X better than any of these. Seriously open to suggestions!


nbrawley said...

I LOVE the necklace. I've, too, love her stuff and have been wanting one of those. Cute options though.

-Niki (Forrester) Brawley

Bethany Rice said...

I say get something for yourself. A girl always needs to spoil herself. I say the dress it is just like you.

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

OH man tough choice. Loving the dress.... or the necklace. You could wear the necklace more. But that dress is just TOO dang cute. haha :) Loving your blog! New follower over here :)