Thursday, September 1, 2011

Moving, Staying, Whatever You Want to Call It.

We've made some BIG decisions lately. I think I've posted about this a little before, but it's final, we are staying in Rexburg. Forever. No law school. Grant found a job that he loves, so we're staying. There, it's out there, although mostly everyone knows. With that said, we are moving. In two weeks. To a bigger place. It's actually next door to the townhouse we used to live in. Funny right?! We've come full circle people. I'm so excited I want it to be moving day now!!! I'm so tired of a small cramped space with my stuff falling out of everywhere, and everything always looking cluttered because we don't have a storage closet or a linen closet, and the girls closet is the tiniest thing I've ever seen. I'm also tired of a grumpy old lady landlord that gets her panties in a twist to easily. We prepaid rent for a year, and we are clean quiet tenants. You'd think that would get you somewhere, but apparently not.  We are not alone in our dislike for the property manager. It's always the first question you get asked when you move into the ward. How do you like Lisa? I think the last straw was when I caught the maintenance guy kicking our grill out of his way, and then trying to steal our ice chest. I got it back, no worries. Anywho, I'm so happy to say buh bye to this tiny place, and FYI if you're moving to Rexburg for school, never live at The Village. Ever, ever, ever. Email me if you want horror stories.

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