Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I'm Sorry, But We No Longer Need Your Service.

Moving can be annoying. All the packing, cleaning everything, unpacking blah blah blah. But one thing that I'm loving about this move is cancelling so many annoying monthly bills. Dear storage unit, we no longer need you or your monthly bill. Mr. Satellite that we have been paying on for two years, buh bye, your contract is about to expire. 40 bucks a month for internet, we'll trade that for a 25 buck plan. Reserved parking, I will kiss you and your backwards six and painted over RE that makes the spot say SERVED, for a nice little covered two car spot next to my back door.  That's right, we no longer need any of these services. And at the end of this move, we won't move again for a long, long, long time. I get to be settled. Sweet mother of pearl I'm excited.

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Stephanie and Grant McKinley said...

I was just reading your blog and I can't believe you guys are staying Rexburg! I am happy that I will always at least know someone in Rexburg! Miss you guys!!!