Monday, October 11, 2010

Diet Update!

I lost another 2 lbs this week!!!! I was so shocked because I was not counting pts like I usually do because of some things that went on this week.(parties, dates, and life.) I'm doing good with sticking to my plans and it's paying off!

On a side note, we are moving, again. Our landlord told me one day that she was thinking about putting the house back on the market, and Grant told me the same day that he thought we should get into a smaller place, and we started looking and found something really quickly. I was really crushed at first, the thought of moving again, and downsizing really was not something I wanted to do at all. The more I have prayed about it, the better I have felt, and I know that it's the right decision. Plus Grant sweetened the deal by offering a decorating fund with some of the money that we'll be saving. Grant and I can't figure out why, but we both feel like we are about to enter a really happy time for our family. So I'm embracing this move as much as possible!


Melinda said...

Way to have a good attitude, I miss you too.
This is how I would like our next convo to go:

Mel: "Where are you moving to?"
Nat: "Back to our real home"
Mel: "O you are gonna be my next door neighbor again, that is so cool, how nice of you to think of me!"
Nat: "Yep we did it for the Pages."

Natalie Daniel said...

Close, to the village. We shall be visiting you soon.