Monday, October 11, 2010

Why I Love,...

This week I pick my oldest brother David. Why do I love and look up to him so? This is why,...

He's funny. He laughs through the good and the bad. He can make everything seem a little less serious and not that bad. I learned this from him when I lived with him when Sienna was little. Anytime he could he'd make a joke about my situation. It never came off as mean, just as a much needed release to awkwardness. I loved it when I'd do something really dumb and he'd always respond with," That's why your husband left you." We'd always die laughing.

I love him because he's a protector. He looks out for all of his younger brothers and sisters and he truly cares for us. When I was faced with being pregnant and going through a divorce he literally picked me up and held me and told me he would take care of me until the day he died, or got married, and then he'd wash his hands of me. haha He made good on that promise, and was the priesthood holder in mine and Sienna's life for a while.

I love him because we like the same shows. He introduced me to the world of 24, a debt I can never repay.

I love him because he has 4 beautiful little boys. They are all so precious, and I can't wait to get to know Caleb when this life is over. He's the best father a boy could ask for, and I know his boys will be the best of the best.

I love him because he picked an awesome wife. She is my sister, and the best possible person that David could ever get. We sometimes wonder how he got her.

I love him because I know that we were friends before we came to earth, and I probably begged the Lord for him to be my big brother.

I'm so grateful that the Lord blessed me with such an awesome big brother!

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