Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Post

This year I was a beekeeper, Sienna was a bee, and Maggie was a flower. Daddy went to work.:( It was a fun Halloween and we made out like bandits with tons of candy. Here are a few pics.

The last two I stole from Amber's blog, they are from the ward party. I love the one of Sienna!

Happy Halloween!


Chris and Melissa said...

Your family is so adorable! I LOVE your costume ideas. I so appreciate it when people are creative and go all out! I hope I get to cross paths with your family sometime!

Natalie Daniel said...

Awe, I hope so to, although you'll have to gain about 50lbs before I'll stand next to you. Seriously, could you be more beautiful?! Remember that time at girls camp when we were hanging out and I called you Lalissa? Good times.