Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Why I Love,...

This week I picked my friend Bethany Rice. Why do i love her?

I love Beth because she is a true friend. She always seems to know when I'm having a down day and stops by and takes care of me. I have a really hard time telling anyone what my personal struggles are, and for some reason I can always open up to her and tell her exactly how I'm feeling. She usually has gone through the same thing so she is super empathetic and tells me that I'm not alone.

I love Beth because she's Ryan's mom. He's Sienna's best bud, and he makes life easier when he's here.

I love Beth because she is fun to talk to, and always has a new crazy story to tell, like the new stand at the scrapbooking convention.

I love Beth because I feel totally relaxed around her. I never worry if my house is perfect, or if she's judging my mountain of laundry.

I love Beth because she is like a second mom to my kids. She has boys and I think she loves having a couple of girls around. I love having her boys around, they add a little spice to our girly world.

I love Beth because she was my first friend here in Rexburg. She made me feel welcome, and I sat with her at church my first Sunday here. I was never awkward or out of place because of her.

I love Beth because she is beautiful.

I love Beth because I'm the only one that can call her Beth (besides Melinda) and it doesn't annoy her.

What else can I say?! She was meant to be my friend!

This is not the greatest pic, but the only one I have of her. I love her shirt in this!


Katie said...

i love Beth's shirt.

Natalie Daniel said...

I had just colored her hair so she was wearing an old one. It makes me laugh.

Bethany Rice said...

What a way to make a girl blush!! Thanks for the compliment, I think the same thing about you. I will miss you lots when we have to leave. You are a great friend and I know we will be friends for a long time!!! Love you