Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Diet/Life Update!

So I didn't diet during Halloween and the move. On weight watchers they teach you how to maintain the current weight you are and that's what I did. I didn't gain any weight and this week I started the losing process again. That's about it there.:)

Now to the life part, life is awesome right now! I love the new apartment, noisy neighbors and all! It's the perfect size for me to maintain, and I'm on the tail end of unpacking. It took longer than expected because I have been doing mostly everything by myself. Grant has helped when he can, but he's so busy with work and school so that hasn't been much.

Maggie is six months old today and I'm super excited because she can really start on food! I love being able to put her in her high chair and put some rice puffs on there for her to eat. It entertains her for so long, I can get so much more done!!! I also started making her baby food. She likes it so much more than the regular baby food, and it's soooo much cheaper! Today I made her pureed spaghetti squash and pureed bananas. She couldn't get enough! I love this age that she's at! She gives us sweet smiles and babbles all day long. Just precious!

Sienna is just fabulous and so stinkin smart! Today I told her that it was time for a nap and she said, "I knew that was coming!" She just seems so much older now that I have Maggie. She is definitely not a baby any more. I can't believe that in two months she'll be 5! Just thinking about it makes me want to cry. I love the age she's at also because she's so independent and can do and help so much, but she still needs me. She loves school, and has made so many new friends. Her teachers told me that she's always wants to be in charge, and usually most of the kids follow her lead. I'm scared of what she is teaching them, haha. I'm proud that she's such a confident child. I love that lil bossy kid!!!

Grant is just truckin along. He has started investing some of our money and is doing a really good job! Our IRA right now is getting 20%! Insane!!! He is so good with that kind of stuff. He is still doing phenomenal  in school, he went to the economics summit and was the overall debate winner. It looks like this is going to be another straight A semester! I'm a proud wife!

This is what we're eating tonight. If your not an asparagus fan then you won't like it, but I love it!!!

Cream of Asparagus Soup - 1 pt

Cream of Asparagus Soup
Gina's Weight Watcher Recipes
Servings: 6 • Size: 10 oz • Time: 30 minutes Points: less than 1 ww point
  • 2 lbs asparagus (2 bunches)
  • 1 tbsp butter
  • 1 onion, chopped
  • 6 cups fat free chicken broth
  • 2 tbsp low fat sour cream
  • salt and fresh pepper to taste
In a large pot, melt better on low heat. Add onion and sauté on low for about 2-3 minutes.

Snap the tough ends off the asparagus and discard. Chop the asparagus into 2 inch pieces. Add to the pot with the onions. Add chicken broth, salt and pepper. Cover and cook about 20-25 minutes or until asparagus is very tender. Remove from heat, add sour cream and using your hand held blender, puree until smooth.

I love this recipe because it's perfect for the colder weather! Speaking of cold we got the first real snow of the season yesterday and I'm getting geared up for the holidays. I have the girls presents picked out, and I'm refining all my holiday menus. I love this time of year so much! This is also my birthday month and Grant ordered me my birthday present, a new comforter set and bed! We have already gotten the bed, it was just a frame, but after a year of sleeping on mattress on the floor, this is the BEST present ever. We are having our good friend Scott make us a headboard, but that might be in January. AHHHH I love the holidays so much!

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