Saturday, November 13, 2010

Why I Love,...

There are so many people that I can choose! This has become one of my favorite times of the week because it reminds me of my favorite moments with people and I feel all good after writing. So I'm so excited for the holidays this year, it's going to be mine and Grant's first one away from family and I'm so excited to start some of our own traditions! I'm also so excited because our little sister, Morgan, is coming for two weeks!!!! So I have been thinking a lot about Morgan and this is why I love her so,...

I love Morgan because she was the reason I kept on dating Grant. We had a REALLY awkward first date and I honestly was totally done. The man insisted that we watch a movie at his house and I tried everything I could to get out of it, but alas it was in vain. When I got there I met Morgan and I instantly had the feeling she was meant to be my sister. Grant's lucky he has her, haha.

I love Morgan because she is so stinkin pretty! So tiny, beautiful coloring (that Maggie has), and  the best smile.

I love Morgan because she's fun to be around. She laughs at my dumbness and can be plenty dumb herself! She always gives me looks like, you think your cool, but I just tolerate you, and Maggie gives me those same looks. It cracks me up.

I love Morgan because she's the best aunt ever. Sienna has always adored her. She still begs for her Aunt Morgan, it makes me sad when we can't deliver.

I love Morgan because she handles tough situations well. Life hasn't been easy lately, but she takes it all with a smile. And when it gets to rough, she calls, and I love that she loves her brother enough to depend on him.

I love Morgan because she uber talented. She is drum major this year, and I've heard that she's rockin it! She works hard at everything that she does, and it pays off because she's good at everything.

I love Morgan Barney style.

I love her because she is Morgan, what more can I say?!

She tested the set before Sienna took pics, I love the bear. haha

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