Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Sienna Show

Today was the Primary Program in our ward and it was basically the Sienna show because she is the only Primary age child in our ward. It makes me laugh because when we moved up here I kept thinking that she would be way less spoiled because she would be one of the masses. How wrong I was!!! She gave her very first talk,(with my help) and she sang a solo, I Belong To The Church Of Jesus Christ. I was sad that she didn't sing it really loud like she does at home because people would have gotten a kick out of the words she was singing. My favorite line that she sings is "I'll follow him some day!" It's classic, and did Grant and I try to correct her version at all? Def not, that's what we call classy parenting my friends. I even got a kick out of her picking her nose on the stand. I just kept thinking, that's my girl! I was honestly very proud of my little baby today.

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Breezie said...

Seriously, BEST Primary Program I have been to in years.