Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bye Bye Facebook

So after a lot of talking with the hubs we decided to delete facebook. It was a lot easier for him because he hadn't been on his in almost 6 months, but it was hard for me. I get on it everyday, but we just decided that it didn't matter what random people from high school ate for lunch, or what they thought about us and our decisions. I think the last straw for both of us was when some unkind things were said about us deciding to have another baby. I deleted those comments I hope before anyone saw them, and I deleted the person, but I just was done at that point. I just think there are much better things I can be worrying about and doing during the day, like playing with kids. Now that we're going to have three, facebook just seems like one more thing to take away from my precious time with them. They grow up sooooo fast, and I want to be the best mom possible for them. So I'm keeping the blog, because it's my form of a journal, and we print it out and stick it in a binder every six months. But other than this, we're not keeping any social networking tool.


Breezie said...

If it counts for anything- I think you are an awesome mom and a great person and I support your no facebook decision 110% :)

ailinh harris said...

Ditto to what Breezie said. And who curr what people say about you guys deciding to have another babes. I got a lotta crap too for announcing I was preggos again when Porter was 6 months old. Really, they need to shove it and eat a box of chocolate. It's your choice, your family. Anywho, I love you girl and am excited to keep in touch with you more thru Blogger!