Friday, January 14, 2011

Why I Love,...

Number two of four. The next person I love is Ailinh Harris. Why do I love her so? Here's why,...

I love A because she has a name that makes my spell check go crazy. It's funny.

I love A because she's hilarious. Seriously. So funny. I love checking out her blog for her riduculous spellings of random words, and I especially love the made up words. The girl has a gift, she's one of the best writers I've met. Her blog is awesome. For reals.  Check it out here.

I love Ailinh because she is so incredibly strong. Her hubs is in the service and is currently at OTC and she handling it with such grace. Her blogs about Aaron and her boys always bring tears to my eyes. Ask my husband, that's a big deal. I never cry.

I love A because she has mas photography skillz.  Look at our blog banner. The work of Ailinh. Pure talent.

I love A because she's nuts and did a hypno birth. Mad props. No epi, I could have NEVER done it. Ask Melinda, she'll agree. Women that have kids without epi's and spinal narcotics (aren't they the same thing?)  a-freakin-amazing.

I love A because she has two little boys, and they are super close in age, and she acts like it's nothin. It makes me feel okay about the new baby being so close to Mags in age. She is super mom.

I love A because she is Asian. nuff said.

I love A because she is beautiful inside and out. Super fun to be around, and we are so sad she moved, but we'll forgive her and love her anyways!


ailinh harris said...
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Stephanie and Grant McKinley said...

She really is one of a kind. I miss her too!