Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas and New Year Eve Road Trip

 We had a wonderful Christmas this year! Grant's little sister came from Texas and spent a couple of weeks with us, and we laughed, sledded, opened presents, ate WAY to much, had hot chocolate, enjoyed Sienna's creative dancing and singing, and loved Mags new cuddly side that has recently come out. Here are a few pics.

Morgan left on New Years Eve and my wonderful friend Beth went with me to drop her off at the SLC airport. We loved chatting with one another on the drive, without kiddos to interrupt us. We had a couple of interesting experiences but we made it home unharmed.
When I stopped to pump gas, because we were totally empty by the time we got to SLC, the door to the gas tank would not open! I pulled the release lever several times and nothing! We went into the gas station and asked for help and a very nice man came out and tried to pry it open. After pulling the lever again, and several attempts on his part to force it open, nothing. We went back in and he looked up the phone number for the closest Toyota dealership around and called them. They told him to send us over . We drove over on fumes, and the manager met us. He immediately went to work trying to figure it out. I pulled the lever for him and again nothing. He said they had had some trouble with the cable that opens the door snapping in cold weather and he would get someone right on it so we could be on our way. He walked away and talked to someone and then came back. He had a worried look on his face as he studied the front of the car. I was afraid that the plastic lining that is on the bottom was falling off again, we got stuck in snow a few days ago and it got pulled of, and we had just gotten it pinned back on. He looked at me, and then lifted the hood, and closed it. He then walked to the drivers side, and pulled the correct lever and the door popped right open. I was mortified, and after a good laugh, we quickly drove away.
Aside from seeing a deer on the side of the road, and pretending to almost get hit, the rest of then drive back flew by and we went home and rang in the new year with our kiddos. Happy New Year everyone!!!


JORDEL said...

Sienna is getting so old! Jord and i were looking at the pictures of her and both said, "whoa. old." We love you little Sienna girl. Glad you had a happy Christmas. Have a good 2011.

Natalie Daniel said...

You too! Your little one is so presh! You should call if your ever in our neck of the woods!

Samantha said...

I love all the pictures. The matching PJs has to be my favorite and I can't believe how much older Maggie is looking!

Natalie Daniel said...

Yeah, we should have given both the girls bricks for their heads for Christmas!