Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Name Game

Whenever I get pregnant I immediately start thinking of baby names. I look at every name under the sun. Sienna's was already decided before I got pregnant. Maggie's just sort of happened because I thought it was a boy, and we mentioned the name Maggie for a girl and Sienna took hold and didn't let go. This time I don't want to be tied to a name from month one on, so I'm weighing my options.

We won't know what the baby is until the day he or she gets here, so we really won't know the name until then, but trying to decide is fun, none the less! We have a few that we like for both sexes, but Grant is out of control when it comes to boys. I think the man might be working and studying a lil to much. He is in love with names like Rex Maximus, and Hector Ajax. Luckily this child has a mother, and will probably be a girl. Although my names usually are as bad but for different reasons. Like Harry. I love the name Harry, and yes I've heard it all, so don't bother telling me how horrible that name is. I love it. My grandpa's name is Harry, and it makes me think of a lil chubby bald version of him. I would love to have a son just like my grandpa. And George. My heart melts when I think of a lil boy running around named George. Yes he could be curious. We always have the option of a Grant Royce junior, but Grant has little interest in that.

Again the baby will probably be a girl, which we all know we are hoping for.  Grant has only had one suggestion, Constance, which I quickly vetoed,  so we'll prob go with one of mine. I am in love with the names Corinne, Hadlie, Daphne, and Quinn. I'm leaning towards one girl name especially, but it could change in a month or so. Since Maggie Moo is named after her great grandmother on Grant's side I feel a weird obligation of naming this baby after my side. We have thought of using my maiden name for a boy's middle name, my cousin Jill did it, and I really like that idea. But for some reason Harry Reynolds Daniel doesn't do it for me. I would like to use my dad's and brother's middle name of Kieth, but one of my friends is using that name for her lil one so I don't know I like to be original. I love my mom's middle name Jean, and I love putting it with Emma and making it one name, Emmajean. Quinn Emmajean Daniel I think would be adorable. I also like my middle name which is Jewel, and it's a family name, so I have thought of Hadlie Jewel, and I love that name.

So what do you think? What are your favorite names that you wouldn't mind me stealing? What are your favorites of the ones I listed? You can even like Grant's crazy names, but be warned that I might think differently of you if you do,...


Jill and Dane said...

I love the name Emmajean. I also like the name Imogene (as in Imogene Heap. I think that's how you spell her name, she sings that cute song, "The way I am). I love your middle name too. If it's a boy I like Harry, because it would be an honor for any little boy to have that name. Couldn't be named after a better guy. I LOVE George. Def.. my fav boy name of yours! And I like using your maiden name for a middle name.

amber said...

Ohh, love the name Hadlie, use it. :)

Katie said...

Quinn is so different! I LOVE it!!

Anonymous said...

so since we are voting baby names, i have to say b4 i was married (which was H.S., since i got married at 19, yeah i know) i had a whole list of names and haven't used a one of them. so i opted pray to know what to name my baby so if they don't like the name then they can't get mad at me b/c it wasn't my idea, they can only thank their Father in Heaven for the time invested in coming up with their name and their parents for taking the time to ask.
for girl names - i know a lady named quinn. she is gorgeous and multi-talented in design. i like the other girl names too especially hadlie jewel.
there is the cutest kid in our ward named george (he's 5 or so). you could do harrison george instead of harry george. my brother ben was named after both his grandpas but got the name benjamin instead of benny joe(my mom's dad's name) and dale from "grandpa harry".
we are a little heavy on boy names we like so if baby's a girl i might not be the best help tho. was that cryptic enough for you? svs

Natalie Daniel said...

Yeah, we wanted to do Dale, but that's the name of Grant's ex stepdad, and there are some bad feelings there, so it's a no go. I have thought of Harrison, but I just like Harry, I'm insane. I prob get my love for it from Mamaw. She was the one that named Grandpa after all.:)