Friday, January 14, 2011


I realized that I never blogged about the end of last semester so here goes.

Grant had another straight A semester, and I'm still proud. He still is the hardest worker I know, he is still the greatest father I know, and he's definitely the best husband in the world. He got promoted to team lead this past semester, and he's hoping to be a supervisor by the end of the current one. I love that he is so successful no matter what the job. Working in a call center is not glamorous by any means, but he gives it his all, and I'm grateful!

Sienna is a fabulous almost five year old now! In three days my first born will be FIVE! It's insane. She starts kindergarten this year. I'm not ready. I want her to stay a baby. But she hasn't been a baby in a long time I guess. She's growing up to be a stunning little girl. She's the best helper ever with Maggie and she adores her little sister. We all adore her!!!

Maggie had a busy semester learning to crawl, pull herself up, clap, laugh, smile, stand on her own for a couple of sec, and how to make a clean house a disaster area. She now has two teeth, on the bottom. Her eyes are still blue, and we hope it stays that way. I love having two blue eyed girls. She has turned into the BIGGEST daddy's girl, so that makes two daddy's girls in our house. They pick him over me any day. She will squirm and wiggle until I let her go and crawl to Grant every time he walks in. It's so sweet.

I'm great, we found out I am preggers at the beginning of this month and I'm really excited about it. I don't know why, but three does not seem like that big of a deal.  I might be crazy, but both our girls are so great that adding to the family just seems like more happiness. I'm obviously not dieting anymore, but I'm still trying to work out as much as possible. Everyone has asked the obvious question, are we hoping for a boy, and both of us aren't. I don't mean that we wouldn't be thrilled if it is a boy, we just kind of like our girl house, and we would be just as thrilled to have another girl.

And I guess we'll start including baby numba three in the updates. We have lovingly nicknamed it Rex for now, after Rexburg. No this is not the baby's name under any circumstances, but it's nice having something to refer to it as other than it. Rex loves taco bell tacos. Yes this is definitely Grant's child. We love this baby already, and we can't wait for Rex to be here. Just so you know, we are debating on not finding out Rex's sex until Rex pops out of the womb. What's your opinion? We are leaning towards not finding out, because if its a girl, we already have all the stuff, and if it's a boy I have family with all the boy stuff we need, so it doesn't matter either way. I think it would be fun. I also think my family would kill me, which makes me like the idea a little more. ;) We'll see, we have a lot of time to debate and make an official decision.

That's basically it, we pretty much just keep truckin along, and that's the way we like it. This is Grant's last year of his undergrad, and he graduates in December, so next year will bring lots of changes, but I'm looking forward to an awesome 2011, filled with laughter, fun and babies.:)


Anonymous said...

you asked for it....number one baby we didn't find out but the ultrasound lady blew it when she made a comment that hinted at a boy. we didn't find out with #2 but thought he was a boy b/c my preg was very different than #1. number 3 baby we had them write down the sex on a paper then seal it in a security envelope. did you know that if you put a light behind a security envelope you can see in it? i knew she was a girl but her dad didn't. i told him later that i peeked but didn't expect to see anything. with baby #4 my belly was way small so i had 4 ultrasounds to check fluid so we saw she was a girl many, many times. and if you belly is small while preg why do people tell you "you look so good"? so if you have a giant belly with 65 pounds extra (which i have had before) you don't look good? #5 (boy) baby was a huge surprise (6 years difference between 4 and 5 baby) so we peeked cuz we gave EVERYTHING away. #6 (girl) we knew just cuz we knew and #7 (boy) we knew she was a girl but something got mixed up in the up and downlink from the heavens and there was a change in who comes to our house first so came the little boy who def is not a girl. so my opinion find out if you want, and don't find out just to bug your family esp you parents who cheat in games and wanted to put me in a burlap wedding dress (they thought it was real funny in the fabric store to embarrass me while looking for wedding dress stuff) and most of all for your dad who LIED to me. i said i thought your shoes were cute and he said he made them from a kit. but maybe i should let that one go, i kinda believed him. ;) so excited fer ya - cousin steph

Anonymous said...

ok so i was maybe a little harsh on the aunt and uncle. i can't say for sure if they cheated all i know is that when you played a game with them...well they wanted to win. love them! svs

Natalie Daniel said...

Hahaha! Yeah, I think we're not going to find out. We have our suspicions, mainly because I'm already sick like I was with both girls. We do have Sienna, who is never wrong when it comes to sex, seriously, she can guess what anyone is having! She keeps telling me it's a boy and a girl, so I think she might be losing her touch. You can never be to harsh with my parents. My dad showed up to my school one time in grease covered overalls. They are insane!;) But I love them!