Friday, January 28, 2011

Pig Tails and New Tricks

  I've been waiting for this day!!! It's finally here, she has enough hair to do pig tails!!!

Make her stop getting so big!!!

(sorry for the lame commentary)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Name Game

Whenever I get pregnant I immediately start thinking of baby names. I look at every name under the sun. Sienna's was already decided before I got pregnant. Maggie's just sort of happened because I thought it was a boy, and we mentioned the name Maggie for a girl and Sienna took hold and didn't let go. This time I don't want to be tied to a name from month one on, so I'm weighing my options.

We won't know what the baby is until the day he or she gets here, so we really won't know the name until then, but trying to decide is fun, none the less! We have a few that we like for both sexes, but Grant is out of control when it comes to boys. I think the man might be working and studying a lil to much. He is in love with names like Rex Maximus, and Hector Ajax. Luckily this child has a mother, and will probably be a girl. Although my names usually are as bad but for different reasons. Like Harry. I love the name Harry, and yes I've heard it all, so don't bother telling me how horrible that name is. I love it. My grandpa's name is Harry, and it makes me think of a lil chubby bald version of him. I would love to have a son just like my grandpa. And George. My heart melts when I think of a lil boy running around named George. Yes he could be curious. We always have the option of a Grant Royce junior, but Grant has little interest in that.

Again the baby will probably be a girl, which we all know we are hoping for.  Grant has only had one suggestion, Constance, which I quickly vetoed,  so we'll prob go with one of mine. I am in love with the names Corinne, Hadlie, Daphne, and Quinn. I'm leaning towards one girl name especially, but it could change in a month or so. Since Maggie Moo is named after her great grandmother on Grant's side I feel a weird obligation of naming this baby after my side. We have thought of using my maiden name for a boy's middle name, my cousin Jill did it, and I really like that idea. But for some reason Harry Reynolds Daniel doesn't do it for me. I would like to use my dad's and brother's middle name of Kieth, but one of my friends is using that name for her lil one so I don't know I like to be original. I love my mom's middle name Jean, and I love putting it with Emma and making it one name, Emmajean. Quinn Emmajean Daniel I think would be adorable. I also like my middle name which is Jewel, and it's a family name, so I have thought of Hadlie Jewel, and I love that name.

So what do you think? What are your favorite names that you wouldn't mind me stealing? What are your favorites of the ones I listed? You can even like Grant's crazy names, but be warned that I might think differently of you if you do,...

Compare Yourself

My BFF just posted a wonderful blog that I wanted to share. To read it go here. You'll see why I call her my BFF!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Sienna's Birthday Party!!!

Sienna's birthday party is at The Craze this Saturday, the 22nd @ 3:00 pm. All are invited!!! Come for Coco Bean cupcakes and laser tag galore!!!


 Less than a month old.







Friday, January 14, 2011


I'm watching Oprah, and Octo-mom is nuts. Just sayin',...

Why I Love,...

Number two of four. The next person I love is Ailinh Harris. Why do I love her so? Here's why,...

I love A because she has a name that makes my spell check go crazy. It's funny.

I love A because she's hilarious. Seriously. So funny. I love checking out her blog for her riduculous spellings of random words, and I especially love the made up words. The girl has a gift, she's one of the best writers I've met. Her blog is awesome. For reals.  Check it out here.

I love Ailinh because she is so incredibly strong. Her hubs is in the service and is currently at OTC and she handling it with such grace. Her blogs about Aaron and her boys always bring tears to my eyes. Ask my husband, that's a big deal. I never cry.

I love A because she has mas photography skillz.  Look at our blog banner. The work of Ailinh. Pure talent.

I love A because she's nuts and did a hypno birth. Mad props. No epi, I could have NEVER done it. Ask Melinda, she'll agree. Women that have kids without epi's and spinal narcotics (aren't they the same thing?)  a-freakin-amazing.

I love A because she has two little boys, and they are super close in age, and she acts like it's nothin. It makes me feel okay about the new baby being so close to Mags in age. She is super mom.

I love A because she is Asian. nuff said.

I love A because she is beautiful inside and out. Super fun to be around, and we are so sad she moved, but we'll forgive her and love her anyways!

Why I Love,...

So I have been a huge slacker lately with my Why I Love's and I have some making up to do. I have four  people picked out, so now it's just the blogging. So the first of the four, Stephanie McKinnley. Why do I love her so? Here's why,...

Stephanie is the MOST caring person I know. She was the Relief Society Pres in our ward and I can truly say without a doubt that she loves and cares for all of us. She always seems to know when I need a pick me up and comes to the rescue. I think a lot of people feel that way about her.

I love Steph because she has the most gorgeous long blond hair. Seriously, it's the best. I have major hair envy.

I love Steph because she knows who she is, and doesn't care what others think. She does what is right. Period.

I love Steph because she knows how important it is to be a good mom, and she is one. She was a good mom even before Miles was here. She took care of her self in pregnancy and ran at least a mile I think until she was like 8 months preggo! Insane! Amazing.

I love Steph because she's not a complainer. I'm sure that things get rough, and that life isn't always perfect for her, but she always has a smile on, and always has a cheerful upbeat attitude. I bet she was a cheer leader, if not in this life, than in

I love Steph because it's so much fun to be her visiting teaching comp. She is so great, and gives the best lessons, but I have to admit, its the most fun to sit and chat with her and get to know her better each month. I love that we always end up at Rach's for at least an hour. It cracks me up every time.

I love Steph because she has a beautiful singing voice and is super talented with the organ and piano.

I love Steph because she's wonderful, what more can I say? I will miss her being our Relief Society president.


I realized that I never blogged about the end of last semester so here goes.

Grant had another straight A semester, and I'm still proud. He still is the hardest worker I know, he is still the greatest father I know, and he's definitely the best husband in the world. He got promoted to team lead this past semester, and he's hoping to be a supervisor by the end of the current one. I love that he is so successful no matter what the job. Working in a call center is not glamorous by any means, but he gives it his all, and I'm grateful!

Sienna is a fabulous almost five year old now! In three days my first born will be FIVE! It's insane. She starts kindergarten this year. I'm not ready. I want her to stay a baby. But she hasn't been a baby in a long time I guess. She's growing up to be a stunning little girl. She's the best helper ever with Maggie and she adores her little sister. We all adore her!!!

Maggie had a busy semester learning to crawl, pull herself up, clap, laugh, smile, stand on her own for a couple of sec, and how to make a clean house a disaster area. She now has two teeth, on the bottom. Her eyes are still blue, and we hope it stays that way. I love having two blue eyed girls. She has turned into the BIGGEST daddy's girl, so that makes two daddy's girls in our house. They pick him over me any day. She will squirm and wiggle until I let her go and crawl to Grant every time he walks in. It's so sweet.

I'm great, we found out I am preggers at the beginning of this month and I'm really excited about it. I don't know why, but three does not seem like that big of a deal.  I might be crazy, but both our girls are so great that adding to the family just seems like more happiness. I'm obviously not dieting anymore, but I'm still trying to work out as much as possible. Everyone has asked the obvious question, are we hoping for a boy, and both of us aren't. I don't mean that we wouldn't be thrilled if it is a boy, we just kind of like our girl house, and we would be just as thrilled to have another girl.

And I guess we'll start including baby numba three in the updates. We have lovingly nicknamed it Rex for now, after Rexburg. No this is not the baby's name under any circumstances, but it's nice having something to refer to it as other than it. Rex loves taco bell tacos. Yes this is definitely Grant's child. We love this baby already, and we can't wait for Rex to be here. Just so you know, we are debating on not finding out Rex's sex until Rex pops out of the womb. What's your opinion? We are leaning towards not finding out, because if its a girl, we already have all the stuff, and if it's a boy I have family with all the boy stuff we need, so it doesn't matter either way. I think it would be fun. I also think my family would kill me, which makes me like the idea a little more. ;) We'll see, we have a lot of time to debate and make an official decision.

That's basically it, we pretty much just keep truckin along, and that's the way we like it. This is Grant's last year of his undergrad, and he graduates in December, so next year will bring lots of changes, but I'm looking forward to an awesome 2011, filled with laughter, fun and babies.:)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bye Bye Facebook

So after a lot of talking with the hubs we decided to delete facebook. It was a lot easier for him because he hadn't been on his in almost 6 months, but it was hard for me. I get on it everyday, but we just decided that it didn't matter what random people from high school ate for lunch, or what they thought about us and our decisions. I think the last straw for both of us was when some unkind things were said about us deciding to have another baby. I deleted those comments I hope before anyone saw them, and I deleted the person, but I just was done at that point. I just think there are much better things I can be worrying about and doing during the day, like playing with kids. Now that we're going to have three, facebook just seems like one more thing to take away from my precious time with them. They grow up sooooo fast, and I want to be the best mom possible for them. So I'm keeping the blog, because it's my form of a journal, and we print it out and stick it in a binder every six months. But other than this, we're not keeping any social networking tool.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


K so after a ton of emails and text I'll answer your questions.  Yes this was planned. No I'm not wanting a boy, maybe the forth one can be a boy, but a girl would be a lot easier for us. If I get a boy I will be happy. The due date is Sept. 11, and we realize that is unfortunate. Yes I'm increasingly sick, just like I was with both of the girls, so we're not that worried about miscarriage. Yes we are THRILLED!!! 


That's how many kids I'll have by September 11th this year. Just thought you'd like to know.:)

Monday, January 3, 2011

Lil Nugget

My lil Nena girl, who has requested to be called Haylie, shared a story from pre-school today. She said she was playing with one of her friends on the slide and she told the girl that she needed to go potty. When she returned from the potty she informed the girl that she had pooped. The sweet lil girl told her that poop was a bad word. To which Haylie responded,"That's silly, everyone poops." I have to admit, I'm proud.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas and New Year Eve Road Trip

 We had a wonderful Christmas this year! Grant's little sister came from Texas and spent a couple of weeks with us, and we laughed, sledded, opened presents, ate WAY to much, had hot chocolate, enjoyed Sienna's creative dancing and singing, and loved Mags new cuddly side that has recently come out. Here are a few pics.

Morgan left on New Years Eve and my wonderful friend Beth went with me to drop her off at the SLC airport. We loved chatting with one another on the drive, without kiddos to interrupt us. We had a couple of interesting experiences but we made it home unharmed.
When I stopped to pump gas, because we were totally empty by the time we got to SLC, the door to the gas tank would not open! I pulled the release lever several times and nothing! We went into the gas station and asked for help and a very nice man came out and tried to pry it open. After pulling the lever again, and several attempts on his part to force it open, nothing. We went back in and he looked up the phone number for the closest Toyota dealership around and called them. They told him to send us over . We drove over on fumes, and the manager met us. He immediately went to work trying to figure it out. I pulled the lever for him and again nothing. He said they had had some trouble with the cable that opens the door snapping in cold weather and he would get someone right on it so we could be on our way. He walked away and talked to someone and then came back. He had a worried look on his face as he studied the front of the car. I was afraid that the plastic lining that is on the bottom was falling off again, we got stuck in snow a few days ago and it got pulled of, and we had just gotten it pinned back on. He looked at me, and then lifted the hood, and closed it. He then walked to the drivers side, and pulled the correct lever and the door popped right open. I was mortified, and after a good laugh, we quickly drove away.
Aside from seeing a deer on the side of the road, and pretending to almost get hit, the rest of then drive back flew by and we went home and rang in the new year with our kiddos. Happy New Year everyone!!!