Sunday, September 26, 2010

Con Artists

So I do not like pets. I don't like the smell associated with them, I don't like the allergies they cause, I don't like having another something to take care of, and I really don't like cleaning up after them. That being said, we now have a kitten. We heard it earlier today it's cute lil meow sounded like it was saying "Natalie, Natalie, take care of me." I thought we'll give it a lil food, and maybe I won't feel guilt taking it to the pound tomorrow. Then the sprinklers turned on, and the meowing started again, and I thought we'll bring it inside to it doesn't get wet, and tomorrow I'm taking her to the pound! Then Grant started playing with her, and Sienna gave me that look, and I realized I'm living with a couple of con artists. I wouldn't doubt that they planted her in the backyard, knowing what I would do. Ugghhhh, so introducing Savannah Daniel,...

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