Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sienna's First Day of School

Sienna started school on Friday, and it was a rough! The day before she got 6 shots in her thighs and she was in a good amount of pain because of it. Parenting brain fart, I know.  She was determined to go, so she did, and she just sat on a little trampoline in the room and moped because she couldn't move without being in pain. To make it worse there is a special needs child that for some reason was drawn to her and would squeal and take toys out of Sienna's hands. The lil girl was just precious, but Sienna didn't know how to handle it, and she just was not up to par that day, so she ended up crying. I sat and cried a lil for her in the parent observation room. She goes back tomorrow, so I'm hoping for a better day!

She might have felt bad, but she sure looked cute!

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