Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Why I Love,...

So I'm gonna pick someone that I love once a week and tell everyone the reasons why I love them. So who will be my first pick?... My Hubby.

I love Grant because he's always calm. He's never raised his voice to me, he always takes the blame gladly when I'm mad, and he supports me in EVERYTHING that I do.

I love Grant because he's so handsome. Six ft tall, dark hair, and the perfect nose. Perfect for making beautiful babies.

I love Grant because he's amazing with the girls. He's loved Sienna like his own since I first started dating him and never has treated her like anything but his daughter. My heart melts when I see him get in a tickle fight with her, and it melts some more when he holds Maggie.

I love Grant because he honors his priesthood. He takes everything so seriously and would never do anything to hurt his ability to give a blessing. I love when he blesses our children, and that I can go to him at anytime and ask for a blessing and he'll be worthy.

I love Grant because he's the hardest worker I know. He makes straight A's and works every night and is doing the dishes right now. He does all this and still makes time for us.

I love Grant because he can sing. I think he's got and awesome voice, the kind that gives you chills.

I love Grant because he is such a nerd. He reads nerdy things, loves nerdy movies, and can speak the nerdiest lingo there is.

I love Grant because he doesn't play video games or watch sports, two things that I detest. I love even more that he felt prompted to give them up on his mission, about the same time I decided that I would not marry someone who did these things. We both wrote about it in our journals when we made the decision.

I love Grant because he's an awesome public speaker. I think he'll be a senator someday. He is totally Mitt Romney-esque.

I love Grant because he's kind to everyone. As his mom says, if Grant has a problem with someone, that person really is the problem. He finds good in everyone.

I love Grant because he has random spurts of being hilarious. He's usually reserved and lets me do the joking but sometimes he shocks me and I still can laugh at some of the things he's said.

I love Grant because he loves me!

I love Grant because he's mine FOREVER!!!! 

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Samantha said...

Oh Gothic Grant! Haha. What a fun idea Natalie.