Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lawn Mowing Mama

Grant goes to school from 9-3 Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays, and works from 4-9 every night and also every Saturday morning. With that being said, any ounce of time we get with him, I don't want to be wasted on yard work, so I decided to mow the lawn last night. I got Mags asleep and Sienna stayed outside and watched and I mowed the whole thing. I have four brothers that always did this growing up so this was something totally foreign to me. I discovered that it is actually a pretty good work out, especially since the front yard is on a slope and I walked up hill half the time. It was actually pretty relaxing. I also loved the feeling that I was doing something for Grant, because he does so much for us. Grant was surprised that I did it, and I could tell he was a lil relieved. This morning we got to spend a bunch of time together, and even got a nap! So this mama shall be mowing the lawn every Monday!

1 comment:

Stephanie and Grant McKinley said...

I bet you are the hottest lady mowing her lawn on your block!! And you have the cutest family ever, but you already knew that:)